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Just returned home not too long ago. I’ve been slowly recovering from this cold, I blame my co-workers for dragging me to the beach at night and freezing my ass off last week. Anyhow, it’s good Friday for me! yippee for payday! After work, I joined some of my old friends down at the san francisco north beach park to play some football. Following some exercise, we dropped by my friend Wilmer’s house and played some Tekken 6 on his playstation 3. The game was fun and all, it brought back lots of memories of high school, the game Tekken was the shiznit back in the days. After some quick gaming, a bunch of old friends and I ate dinner at House of Thai at clement st.(Richmond), that place never gets old. The first time I ate at that place was probably in sophomore year in high school, a few buddies of mine introduced me to my first time to Thai food, the spiciness got me hooked instantly. Needless to say, thai food is yummie. I don’t know why I am still up, but I will be needing to wake up early tomorrow to open up the bank.



me = sick


Oh Monday, thank goodness the day is coming to an end. After work I had completely nothing to do but I did wanted to go out. I felt somewhat detached with nature ever since work begun, lately I had spent much less time running around the neighborhood and less opportunity to ride my bike out in the wilds. Anyhow, one of my good friend was nice enough to go out with me, how nice of her. So we swung by the Serromonte mall and grabbed something to eat. Following dinner, we shopped around Target. Target is one of the best “one stop shop”. Nonetheless, I am so0o happy tomorrow is my day off……I want to be on a hammock….


Just returned home not too long ago. The day started by going out to pay respect to my grandparent’s cemetery near the Serramonte mall. The Chinese term we call this occasion is “hong sahn” or literally in English “walk the mountain” or “pray to the mountain”. Anyways we paid our respect and had a small little feast in front of the tombstone. Come to think of it, it may be a culture shock to people of other ethnicity but it’s just Chinese culture that they’re not familiar with. So0o everyone had chit chat with our dad’s side of the family, which we rarely see, and it was nice catching up with the younger generations(they’ve grown so much). Following that, we dropped by the Lexus dealer to check out some new cars and we had the chance of taking the LS460 out for a test drive. I was blown away how nice the flagship car performed, it was s0o0 damn luxury and comfortable, the only down side was the starting price was $70k. Yet I can totally understand why it had cost so much, I felt like a airplane captain while driving around(amazing feeling). Tony wanted to go out to the Mercedes dealer to check out the competition over at the Burlingame dealer, the Mercedes S500, but my dad and I was kind of tired. Hence, we didn’t get to check that car out…maybe next week. As for later tonight, I’ve gotten the message that there will be a family gathering at my cousin’s house. I hope there is a lot of food waiting for us CINDY =]

It’s been a slow day……


After work, I had my teeth cleaned at my dad’s client’s dentistry. My teeth are sore and it hurts, I need to start flossing better. Following the painful wash, I headed down to grandma’s place and baby sat Ceres for an hour or so. After that, I did a bit of shopping at the tanforan mall for my cousin Joyce’s birthday. Then later that night, we had another family gathering and had dinner over at the sunset district for my grandma’s birthday, sadly I still don’t know how old she is(she always look the same age). Anyhow, I am so0o damn full right about now.
In just a few minutes, I got to go to work again….I don’t have enough sleep =[ Yesterday was a pretty crazy night. After getting off work, my co-workers and I headed over to the Stownstone mall Chevy restaurant for the happy hour special. We had a bit of too much to drink and chatted for a bit too long while we was there. As a result, my crazy ass Indian co-worker suggested this wonderful idea that we all should go hang at the beach and chill, and this was at around 11pm. So we got there and he mysteriously pulls out this carpet from the trunk when we got to ocean beach, it was hilarious when he did that because no one does that to my knowledge. And instantly I thought he was trying to remake the Disney cartoon movie “The Aladdin”, since he fit’s the description. Anyhow, we chilled around for a couple of hours at the bond fire, chatted, joked, and what not…then we headed back down to his parked car. While driving away, there was foreign object on his windshield and later realized that it was a parking ticket..LOL… a parking ticket at 10 something at night. By the time I reached home, it was 1am. Furthermore, yesterday night was just hilarious.


It’s been such a long day today. I’ve been up since 4 am today, but I slept 9:30pm last night. So I started out my day on the training bike at 5am and did that for about 45 minutes or so. After that, took some time browsing through the web. Something interesting popped up this mourning on the MSN news website. What made this topic interesting was that it was “bank related”, it was an article on how certain types of credit card transactions that could hurt your credit score. According to the article, an advanced cash request is like a 7 point penalty, the max is 10(article link…), which is pretty steep. Anyhow, following work from 8:30 to 5:30pm, I was suppose to go watch a screening called “cirque du freak the vampire assistant”, but Ramon bailed on me. As a result, I’m left bored at home and no free movie screening, which I was looking forward to all week….Moreover left myself blogging about my boring day….


So I am currently on my lunch break and is at home updating my blog. As you can tell, the branch is pretty close to my home, I had some spaghetti for lunch(mom made it). Today is actually a slow day, not much people stopped by, that then leaves me more time for some web base training exercise. Ah oh yeah, the weather is awesome today, I wish I was at the beach or something….sigh…the good ol days….


So later today turn out pretty productive. We stopped by Costco to pick up some stuff, then dropped by grandma’s house for lunch. While we was there, I baby sat Ceres for a few hours until she got tired and fell asleep. After that I returned home and did a short cycling session. Afterward Andy and I went shopping at stonestown mall, I had to pick up some items for work. Anyhow, I seriously don’t think the bank pay me enough to wear a suit EVERYDAY. Nonetheless, I have to do what I have to do in order to survive…..I be GQing

What is there to do on my off day??? Well, I’ve started off my day by going for a mourning +3 miles walk with my mom. It was nice to get the fresh nature scent through our body and great way to loosen up our muscles. While we were on the mourning stroll, we started to examine some of our neighbors houses and what not, not that we’re potential robbers or anything but we’ve just compare the whole design and feel of the different houses. It is so true sometimes when a particular house may look run down and looks in desperate need of a renovation, may affect their neighbors’ home value. It’s also awkward to see that some people have nice Mercedes Benz parked outside of their beat up home, I would highly recommend those people sell their car and repair their broken houses, so at least when you return home you’ll get that warm home welcoming feel. Not only will they feel better being at home, it can be looked at as a form of art work. Furthermore, I wonder how my off day will turn out,it’s only 10am….Oh yeah the sun is out and the streets look so clean today =]


So today was the first day at the branch and everything went fairly well. There wasn’t much on my plate today but some web base training, shadow some transactions, and learn some of the basics to the operation of a bank. Everyone was pretty helpful and talkative which really help me through my first day, especially when everyone had a great sense of humor. Initially I did found myself in a somewhat of a unfamiliar mind setting because I felt like the minority of the group(somewhat like sticking out like a soar thumb) because I was the only Chinese person who worked at the branch. Anyhow, it seems like my 9 to 5 job pass by fairly quick. Nonetheless, I hope I won’t encounter too many trouble at the branch….Oh yeah, the weather kind of sucked today….


i’m broke


Successfully completed the Wachovia Training
pretty good song


yay it’s finally the 15th which means pay day!


Going to work is like dressing up for prom everyday….


My hero!


I managed to retain my job for a whole week!