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Happy New Years Everyone

My reflection of 2010. What can I say, it’s been a damn roller coaster, many ups and downs. As much as I have to say, the main highlights for this year was probably the job promotion, investment property and the fulfillment of small things from here and there. The promotion was was somewhat of a good and bad news; positives of the promo was more money and recognition from upper management, negative part was the high stress level and day to day grind. The investment property was nothing but good news, maybe just the time was a bit risky. As far as what sucked for 2010 was my mom’s health, mountain of debt, and picking up after Jack’s mess. On the other hand, 2010 had been a good year even though it was a very rough year. Hopefully all the BS from 2010 stays there and won’t be carried over to the following year. Moreover, there are big plans for 2011; such as moving into my new studio pad, possibly working on a new side project and another advancement within the company. So long 2010, now 2011 just bring it on!

New years resolution
-family remain healthy
-career advancement
-lose weight/tone up
-make a whole lot of money, another investment property, business developement plan
-a gaint leap into adulthood
-2011 to be an extraordinary year

Happy new years eve to everybody! let’s end 2010 in a good term….With so much paper work nowadays, I needed a bigger suitcase or matter a fact something that could haul a load of stuff. As a result, kenneth cole will be going into retirement and be replaced by a gucci duffle bag.



I hate the corporate world…..shit got off work at 8pm, i never get off on time anymore….sigh….Oh well, music therapy session always makes my night better….The harder the grind, the higher the payoff, basic economics. Cudi on full blast!

So first real day back from vacation and I get to have lunch after 5pm. Nothing unusual but what a nice way to welcome me back. Anyhow, it just seems like I have a stack a shit that I have to get processed and get it done for all of my client, I just hope that I haven’t missed anyone. I can now truly feel like I’m helping people out, especially helping them through the process of buying their first home ever or even giving them the opportunity to buy things they’ve never ever imagined to own one day, for example a client who’s using their equity to buy a brand new corvette and porsche.Things like this makes my day, especially i’m helping them make their wildest dream come true….I sorta feel like Santa….but of course that shit aint free, matter a fact nothing in life is free….So that to be said, I hope with all my hard work and the shit I have to deal with on a daily basis will pay off, and I hope my path for 2011 will look bright. Better yet, EXTRAORDINARY…..preach to that!


Before I head out to work this came in the mail. All sorts of fancy childhood pins…..i’ll be creating something something with them =]



Cuddi, wildin out….at the same time showing the true expression of kidult in all of us 80’s baby.

Just got back from iHop, needed a warm breakfast to help cure a headache from yesterday which lasted till this morning. Had a blistering headache yesterday because first day being back from vacation and having to be the manager for the day, managing all new team members and customer issues…smfh….2010 must end asap. Anyways, headache slowly faded after grubbing on some warm food while viewing some architectural design magazines. Got inspired by some nice photo and pretty much picked out the entire lay out, probably going with neutral coolers of beige, brown and black combo…possibly even a cool layout, consist of gray, dark gray, and some light blue. On a interesting note, I was telling my boss about this new place and she called it my bachelor pad because; im single and living on my own, have a doggy, and career driven.
Cop this for Jack, Wolfpack!?!? By the way, Jack loves biting the edge my gucci sheets, me no like so Jack’s banned from the proximity of my bed.


Overdue photo of company x-mas party

Photo recap of Christmas Lake Tahoe trip.


Christmas gift to myself, gucci bed sheets…brings out the characteristics of a modern contemporary design…me like it a lot…

I miss college life…the feeling of not needing to give a F*cK

Picking out several furniture and room layout for the new place in Feb. Photo of what mom and I made for dinner last night, simple spaghetti, baked honey glazed ham and claim chowda.

Enjoying 3 meals a day while I still can….


Had a very productive Sunday. Walk the dog, had breakfast with the family, shopped around for some furniture at Rooms&Board, dropped by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), made dinner for everybody(missed the x-mas dinner w/family yesterday), and lastly a late night walk with Jack. Compressed the photo due to taking forever to upload each individual photo.

My criticism of the venue at sfmoma. I’m not trying to hate on the artists but many of the arts I’ve saw were pretty garbage, for example like throwing a bowl of pasta onto the wall and giving it a skyrocketing price tag. For the most part, I’ve only taken several photo of arts that I actually admire; OG Chinese peepz playing pool, evolution of type writers, 1920’s Wallstreet, and wine testing section. All in all, I’m glad I was able to get in for free because I flashed my bro’s academy of art school id…sweet…

Morning walk with Jack

Ne-Yo killin it like always, good times…..


Merry Christmas everybody! From weezy sue baby & me!


Hotel and chilled red wine on Christmas eve…..doesn’t get any better than this! Living the life!


Merry Christmas eve to all! Currently at red hawk casino and planning to hit it big! Engrish may suck due to iPhone blog posting.


Just came out the shower not too long ago and seemed like all the lights were turn on, awkwardly weren’t any noise and it was completely silent. I was like shit, what happen to everyone and kind of sensed like something just happened and I wasn’t informed about it. While walking down the stairs, a puppy walked and stood at the bottom of the stairs. I didn’t know whether if I should of been in a defensive mode(am I getting robbed?) but it slowly walked by and licked my toes. I was like ok…now where’s the robber? So there isn’t a robber, it’s only a new addition to the family. I never would have thought that my parents would own a dog because of how much they bitch about it while I was younger and I have allergies when it comes to fury stuff. Initially I didn’t know what type of dog it was, did a little google here and there. Answer, it’s a salt&pepper miniature schnauzer. By the way, this dog is recommended for people who have allergy issues, according to Wikipedia.
Solano Westfield mall with mama…..

Feeling spectacular today, I’m feeling a bit more normal again where I’m eating 3 meals a day again! To start things off, headed over to the local ihop and choose the breakfast for champions special. Holly shit, the serving portion size is huge and it comes with dessert, all for less than $7….now that’s a bargain. Took more than hour 1/2 to clean up 75% of the plate and the rest were wasted.


C.Breezy be killin it in the movie “This Christmas”…good night…

Dropped by S.F. Chinatown to get some grocery for my mama, while taking a pretty unique photo of the embarcadero area…

Sorabol Korean BBQ + Noodles for lunch at the Westfield mall, they make a pretty good stir fried chicken noodle and all you can eat kim-chi(spicy)

Wednesday early breakfast before DMV open…

Tuesday late night dinner at Tommy’s Jyont after watching “The Little Fockers” screening

Monday, Buckhorn Grill at the Westfield dine in makes a mad tri-tip steak platter…all for less than $10 which is bargain!

Chocolate coffee cake after dinner, no real celebration but just because we can…


Damn…Wale be killin it with them deep lyrics…Wale definitely on my top 10 favorite rapper list right about now.

Was looking into my spending report earlier today and was curious how my contribution may differ from other American. From what this article is showing, it looks like my expense report is very similar to an average American family. But then of course, the sample size may might consist of bias’ and other outliers. Any who, the report made me feel old =[ ….article


I forgot to include how weak the movie tron legacy was…fell asleep 3x throughout the movie, only thing that kept me half awake was the loud ass special effects…smh

shit…cc statement just came in the mail… just found out that I dropped more than a stack on Christmas gifts -___-…damn it, should of saw that coming.



Hot pot dinner on a rainy night. We haven’t had a Christmas tree in the living room for the longest time, this time we done it big and got a REAL tree ;]


2010 Company Xmas party – Ladies and Gents ball

My two apprentices

Boss Lady

Boss of boss….a bit faded

Wildest rookie manager in the game

My mentor

My mentor


2010 company Xmas party photo booth, haven’t seen this fellow classmate for more than half a decade and now we’re working together…in the near future.

Work hard, play hard.

I’ve been asked countless times “what do I do for a living”, example would be at the local Starbucks this mourning, they were curious what I do because they one day they see me in a suit and another day in comfort street cloth…and occasionally I would drop by in the AMG . To simply put it, I work for the bank and I hustle on the side, non-drug related of course. If anybody follows my blog, they would know how hard I grind on a daily fucken bases. I can honestly say that I put my heart and energy to everything I do, “get rich or die trying”. What changed my whole perception and mentality of life was a phrase that will always stick in my head, quoted from my ex-manager, “how hungry are you”. FuCk, I’m 110% hungry all day. Looking back in life, my family came from the gutter and now we’re finally up there. Straight up public school education, state college, no Ivy League or top schools of business…ain’t no spoiled prick here. We work hard for our shit, nothing came easy. There ain’t no Lotto here or matter a fact any scratchers. We do this shit on a 100% legit. Quote the below.
Uhgg… Up so early but still tired from yesterdays company party. It was actually a great turn out and interesting night. A co worker tried to hook me up with another employee from another branch. It was kind of awkward but still ok I guess. From what I heard from my friend was that she was too shy and does not handle rejection well and afraid that I would turn her down. You may ask why would I turn her down. For the first time, someone thought of me highly…right….she thought that I look too sophisticated for her and that she will never be able to match up to me. I mean seriously, all you got to do is just holler. This situation is still salvageable. But we’ll see. May be I had too much “swag” on my game last night. Oh yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve been gazed at multiple times…alright enough rubbing. Upload photos later, gonna go get some breakfast! Good day! Hallelujah!


Bought myself some Christmas gift…puzzles! yeah I’m old like that.

Great movie

I’ve been told that I sound like a republican but I swear I am a Democrat. I’m all for broke people…power to the the people…preach!