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..sigh…it’s all about management now…





Good times….


So last night was the very very last day for Wachovia, now their doors are closed forever. It was definitely a bitter sweet moment at the branch, didn’t get out until late last night due to some unprep work. All in all, we made it out of the branch before midnight and had our toast and bittersweet good byes. It was quite an emotional fair well from our managers and our new district manager, mainly because we’ve been working with each other every single day and accustomed to the feeling like we’re extended family(we’re at the branch more than we’re at home). Following the fair well, some went home while other headed over to happy hours at the Elephant Bar. We chilled at the bar for a bit, had a drink or two and chit chatted for a bit. We brought up both serious and silly conversations, which I thought was informative. Within those topics, I was given excellent advice and information towards my career path by my wonderful mentors. I would love to give special shout outs but some information must remain confidential as work policies go but they should know who they are.

Today was my first day with my new company who merged with Wachovia, Wellsfargo. I must say that I am excited with this new company and position. I was able to meet most of my colleagues today, they were very welcoming and very down to earth. One thing that I must get used to will be working at an in-store location. I think it may take me awhile to get used to this location because of how diverse my clients are, ranging from people who walk in with their bathing suits to baby boomer generation. Furthermore, this will take some time to get used to but I am ready to take on this challenge.

Long live Wachovia……


Special shout out to whom ever was looking out for my co-workers and I today. Today an unfortunate event happened at work but glad that everyone was safe and sound. I just got to say that timing was everything for me today, glad that I was at the right place at the right time. Once again, special shout out to ya boy homie Jesus.


RIP to Tian Sheng Yu, a fallen victim to street violance.


Besides being sick with allergy, this weekend had been awesome. Photo recapturing new work location for the next two months and chilling with my little cuz. It’s nice hanging with the big boys…..


Uh I think I might of had too much coffee today,why? Because I exploited the free starbucks coffee promotion. I mean I think I am a true customer who deserve more than a single cup of coffee, due to all the years I’ve supported their brand of coffee. Nonetheless, I feel a bit loud today but at the same time having a sore nasal/throat feel….sometimes pay back is a b*tch. Oh well. Heading out to dinner with some co-workers, following dinner I’ll be bowling with new co-workers.


“Join the movement. On April 15th, bring a reusable travel mug into your local Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee.
“One person can save trees, together we can save forests.”


Not trying to advertise but just wow…….speechless…..


Sichuan Fusion at Oakland, extra spicy…..

……Gloomy Sunday……


…..New boss lady just invited me to join her with her team members to bowling next week…I guess I got to brush off the dust on my infamous bowling shoes and practice my bowling skills on the Wii sports bowling… Don’t get me wrong, I’m no newbie but currently in the so called amateur rank.


Kind of early to post but I just wanted to get things off my mind. So the famous phrase, “Your past will come back to haunt you one of these days”, that was something which hit me just last night while I was out in the city with my friend. After we shopped at downtown, we head over to this Japanese restaurant over in Richmond district. As we were driving down to the restaurant, we were just passing by familiar city streets which were places where we use to always hang out back in high school. Suddenly, we so happen to drive pass a certain someone’s home which I happen to know and grew up with for the last decade. My friend so happens to inform me about this person had whom I used to have history with was actually with another person for a short period of time. True of false, I certainly had wished that this person should of at least let me know about news than finding out by a third party…..And this certain person who I refer to “was” a person who I respected, now not so much…..So much for being someone who was a best friend. Nonetheless, I am so glad that I made that difficult decision last new years eve…….

A picture to recap my weekend.


Expect the unexpected. This must be the best motivational and most inspiring interview I have watched in a long long time. (1 of 12)