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Monthly Archives: January 2012


I’m sexy and you know it.


Sick find.




Work so hard to drive a cr-v, hells naw. Better start pushin miracle whips. -Yeezy @ The Throne

Dim Sum with grandma and grand baby. @ Hung To

99% start up company fail. Question is will you survive. @ Moscome Weat

On the grind. Mac world after company mortgage workshop.  Rosayyyy  @ Moscome

Depressing. 1 hour on wait list. @ Boiling Crab


You ain’t ready


Master Piece


Long fucken day.

I’m glad today was finally fucken over. Shit be hitting the fan whenever pregnacies occur, seriously they can’t keep their hormones straight. straight up fucken with their mind and causing them tricks to lose the sense of making damn logical decisions. Anyways, needed to vent because tricks like this are not immune. truth be told. Yeezy help me through this. Nonetheless, found moment of clarity at the gym.


Stay home, save your money, The Grey should have got straight to vhs.

Sin City is calling me

I just got the memo yesterday night. Bachelor party in Vegas, late Feb.

Happy Lunar New Years

Been somewhat of a stressful day due to last mintue change up. Destressed by hitting the gym right after work. Realized I shouldn’t be mad at all cuz I just got to brush them bullshit and dirt off my shoulder.


Niners vs Raiders (2)

It’s been a great season Niners. Let’s make it happen next year.

Most hated person in San Francisco right now, Kyle William. you suck.

Capture of the intense moment.

Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!

Let’s make it rain.

Get your stomp game on

Chicago 10’s be coming real soon.

Throwback thursday. 09 new kid on the block


Last night was a long ass night.

Saw the sneak preview, great spy-action film and no bullshitting in the film. highyl recommended.


smh ; (

Is this going down Cinco de Mayo

Day off and feelin it.

We salute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Preach on Doctor.