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Who’s Vietnam Tom/Tommy Slick?



“Don’t f*ck with old senior citizens, they’ll surprise you once in awhile…”


…..sigh….Got’s to love the new Youtube HD quality.


…sigh…Why did my bank have to be open today, it should of been against the law because none of the other banks were open today. Anyways, it felt like a saturday at work because there wasn’t much traffic since most people thought that our bank was closed too. As a result, it was a pretty relaxing Monday. But why does Phillipinos got to be so damn racist once I return back to work. At the end of the day, I was asked “How come I don’t have red envelopes for them” and “Hey, Danny! Do you have a tangerine in your car?”. These quotes must of been the most racist sh*t i heard in a while, maybe not racist but stereotyping. I just had no comment but that sh*t was just racist, my response was simple, “Just because I’m Chinese huh?”. Anyhow, they lucky I was the minority up in that branch, or else…….sigh…… Oh yeah had my first green tea cheese cake, it was alright.


Happy Chinese New Year. Received a bunch of red envelopes today and hung out with the family.
One of the newest edition to the family, name is Lianne (w/g-ma)

Then there’s Hilary(cousin’s a strong premmy)

My buddy ol pal, Joyce aka “Paypay”
Then there’s my Kelly(niece)
Twin nephews, Calvin and Jerry


Chinese New Year Feast

Today was a pretty nice day, the weather cleared up and the sun came out. So another off day and how did I spend it? I took my good friend out on a lunch date at a Asian-fusion restaurant call “SO”. Mainly choose this location because the restaurant had pretty good ratings on Yelp. Surprisingly, this restaurant relocated from the Sunset district Irving to SOMA, size wise seemed to remain the same even though the last time I’ve ate at SO was about 4 years ago). On top of some familiarity, a long time friend so happened to call me by my entire name, which happens to be Carla Ko. It’s funny how things turned out, she just began working there for about a month and we so happen to stumble into this particular restaurant on this random occasion. The food there were pretty tasty, especially the fried spicy glazed chicken wings. Afterward, drove my so called “valentine date” back home. Following that, I couldn’t resist the nice weather and to stay indoor so I ran around the neighborhood for an hour. Now I’m just exhausted and getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Years at home with my family and extended family.


No work today because I took a 3 days off from work, from Thursday through Sunday. Yesterday I pretty much hung out with grandma,mom, and Ceres. Same goes for today. As of right now, I’m watching the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic. Winter Olympic pretty much covers all outdoor sports….not as exciting as the Summer Olympics…I miss Canada….


Just go off work and is going to head down to another “dad’s side of the family” dinner. Anyhow, I’m just recovering from a really really bad cold from yesterday, which I was forced to take an half day off. OMG taking half day off sucks so bad because the company takes that remaining time of from the annual “paid -time off”(PTO). Nonetheless, I just slept all day in bed and lucky it did do me some good at work today. Oh yeah, I just so happen to stumble upon this hilarious super bowl ad on Youtube….enjoy…..


Great game, a true underdog story.

Been gone for an entire week. So what happen this week? Like the usual, just work, work and work. But on Wensday night, after work, my workers and I had a celebrational dinner at Celias. The celebration was for performing as #1 branch in the entire west coast region. The dinner was fun because we all clowned on each other, even on our managers, so it really was a great experience. Not to mention, it was their treat, I also received a metal for being the top performer in January! This might of sound silly, but a teller is not just a person who do straight transactions every single day, believe it our not but we are more like Personal Banker’s right hand man. What that mean is that we make sales referral, research, deal with client’s B.S., and solicit existing+new client all day long….sigh…..Anyhow, on Friday we had a large family get together for my dad’s side of the family, we all ate out and chilled at our place afterward. It was nice seeing my elder cousins and their kids, it’s awkward being called an uncle nowadays, especially when their like only about 8 years younger than I am. Nonetheless, time fly’s.


The other day I had some screening tickets to watch “From Paris with Love”, starring John Travolta. The movie was actually really good, I thought the entire lay out of the film was well script+ who doesn’t like John Travolta. Anyhow, I though this film was worth the cost of a movie ticket, even though mine was for free. 10/10 stars!