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Congrats to the royal family




I miss Rome. Lamborghini pretty much covered the entire main streets and attractions of central Rome…good times…

Not that it’s breaking news but the hype on the media is unavoidable and i’m talking about the england royal wedding. All I can say is that i busted my ass in front of the fountain of the Buckingham palace 2 years ago, scrapped my elbow and all that…very memorable place.smfh.

LMFAO. HDTV still exist??? whatever happen to Blueray??

HDTV GUYZ COMMERCIAL from ben baller on Vimeo.



Had my old ass running while listening to the new Lupe track, never forget you, reminiscing all the good memories and major events I had while growing up. Damn, luckily I had taken some photo’s here and there so I can once again look back several years from now. good times.

Hung out with mom and bro for Easter Sunday. Hit up the San Mateo ABC and ordered the basic; HK milk tea, wings and fries, wonton noodle soup, roast duck lo-mein, stir fried beef noodle baked pork spaghetti.

Lazy Jack


Haven’t been blogging lately due to juggling with hella different projects at the same time. Anyhow, as far as for property management goes, it’s slowly coming together and cash flow has gotten much better now with one contract being set and stone. With one down, it made a large contribution in helping out with the mountain of debt….True story, all Americans live on debts. On the otherhand, debt also brings in more money which kind of sound contridicting but it’s true; “It takes money to make money”. As far as for working for the company, there are talk here and there to see where’s the best place to place me due to “politics”. Even with a large set back from investment licensing, I did not want to be stuck here with the same position for the next 6 months, so I had to make a move like a chess puzzle. At least now I can see that I’m no longer a inferior, it finally looking bright. All in all, I’ll still be happy wherever I go because my currently location and pay ain’t cutting it. HmMmm, whatelse. Right, the only thing I’ll miss most are my apprentices and the new manager, one of the nicest manager ever….As of so far. And now the plan for the next few weeks; are to get the rest of the units rented out and then get the 7 sold so I can start working on something else. Hopefully there’s still some credit room to help invest in another property or even possibly a business =]


Looks and sounds almost the same.


Another day another earthquake. It was strong enough to shake Pacifica for a second and the light went out with it. At least I still got paid, that’s all it matters ;]


Watched this last night, sad movie.

Looks like I got one contract down, now couple more to go.


Had a day off today and hit up Sunnyvale. Unexpectedly drove by Five Guys, where there was all the hype about how good it was on CNBC special. From curiosity, i had to go check it out for myself, the food was alright and the portion size was large. Indeed it is better than their competitor In’n Out but this place was kind of expensive yet serves better quality food than many fast food joint.


SloOowW aSs dAaayyY.


This slap was just playing on my iphone. Damn, I remember when I was playing this on my 86 Honda Accord super bucket hatchback. God damn it, I miss the good ol days when everything in life was just good and humble. sometimes its true what they say when memories are the most precious and priceless things in life.

Seems like things been moving really slow lately, dragging. Maybe it’s just Monday.


Sunday, hung out with my parent over at San Jose. I never knew San Jose was this nice, kind of reminded me Boston. Hit up this place call A&K Noodle House, it was the bomb.

This place called British Empire Bakery had these Vietnamese green waffle, consist of green tea and coconut, it was the shiznitz.

Saturday, hung out with mom over at H.M.B aka Half Moon Bay. Afterwards we headed over to the daly city Outback. Basic stuff; french onion soup, salad, and melbourne steak for 2…it feed a party of two and still 15 oz left…smfh. Americans…..

Took the family out to eat after a long Friday night. Headed over to the Spicy Empire over at San Mateo. It was definitely a new experience and everythang was hella spicy, not for the faint of heart.

Watched this last night, not bad. Or maybe its just Natalie Portman.


The weather have been really nice over here on the south side of the coast. But just today it’s been really cold and windy but at least its still sunny out here. There shouldn’t be any complaint especially with a day without a thunderstorm or a tsunami warning. Anyhow, I was just choppin it up with the district manager about my case and what we should do from here on out. It looks like there’s always both a good and bad news whenever there are any news, sucks that I’ll still be out of the academy and will be stuck at my location for now. Good thing is that I’ll get another shot during fall…sigh…Still, its been a hard blow and hard to stay motivated after all the bullshit I’ve been through for the last 3 months. I guess now’s the time to catch up with all the task I’ve put aside. Time to go find some tenants and buyers out there, and keep on truckin and hustlin. But for real though, I feel like I’m being punished.


Damn it, it’s so fucken depressing know that one mishap in the career map can lead to so many closed opportunities. Today was once again one of those slow and painfully dragging long day, learning that i’ll be out of the academy and most likely not being able to move to a different location. And on top of that, deal with peoples problem and a wannabe manager…smfh. Even though it’s not appropriate to talk about your employer, sometimes you just got to vent and call them cheap and shady. Sigh. Especially when they add more fuel on top of the fire. Anyways I just can’t let this shit weigh me down right about now. It’s time to put that shit in the past, recoup, restructure and plan things out. I feel like once again I’m starting from scratch. Conclusion, 2011 have been nothing but a bitch.


Another one of those days where I feel like an epic fail.