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Today I got off school early, just a 8-9am chinese class. Chinese class in the mourning is not really a good combination, relatively like walking into a 8am math class…just horrible…As i got off early and got home, my mom wanted me to go exercise with her, just a walk around the neighborhood. In addition, get some lunch with her afterwards. We walked quite a long distance, approximately a total of 3 miles, we walked until she felt hungry and then we just dropped by our local iHop. After lunch, we went to visit grandma and baby Ceres, she’s much more cuter than Joyce+Belle(combined). Ceres seems to be growing biggger by the day, but not as fast of a pace as Joyce, no one can top Joyce….sigh…watching Joyce grow and baby sitting her through the years make me feel old, but it’s pretty cool watching her evolve from a baby blob to a mini replica of my mom…LOL… Anyways, Joyce, aka paypay, is so cuteeeee

Grandma and her granddaughter(Ceres)



Just got out of my night class which is about chi/meditation/herbal medicine. Some how the class makes me feel like a monk/hippie


I will be participating in the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon with tony, be there if you want to join the fun, take pictures for us, or even be our cheerleader =]


Second day of school finally ends. As many of you may already past this phase, i’ve just started, which is the hatred towards returning back to school from a long break. Seriously, i felt 5x dumber coming back to school, mainly because i forgot almost everything i’ve learn in the previous semester. I think being careless and not having to read nor study for one whole month is bad for the brain, therefore, will suffer in this semester. What makes things worst this semester is that i’m learning a whole new language, Manderin! I was all excited and all to this class, until today, pinyin is the hardest shiznit ever…and we haven’t even started the chinese characters yet….Anyhow, i gots to take this damn class because it’s the only class avaliable that is worth 5 whole units(which can help me graduate on time). To summerize this whole gibberish, school sucks….

1-26-09 !!!Happy Chinese New Year!!!

!!!Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Cervelo and Me


Happy Chinese Lunar New Year



Today was actually fun. The day started out with a mourning swim, around 8:30am to 10am. Following some mourning exercise we went to the Chinatown fair, which was packed with people. Chinatown fair never really offer new things but it’s better than staying at home. By the time we’re done with Chinatown, we had this get together dinner with my dad’s side of the family. It was nice to see that everyone’s growing so fast, the twin nephews are now 13 years old!?!? and my other cousin is going to be a father to be, in about 5 more months. Anyhow, i think i might need to grow older faster too, since they’re having kids, married, and cool jobs….sigh… this uncle gots to show some progress fast


People should be careful in public school…example…
Starbucks or Quickly…how about both =]


Art of Porsche 911

Sometimes the gloomy weather really brings out the worst and unpredictable things in life. Early today i was on facebook and saw something unreal. So i was scrolling around and was looking at my homepage, then I saw some news which no one would like to hear. My good friend Harry, we’ve been friends since elementary, just lost his brother to the streets of violence in San Francisco. Harry’s brother, Leo, was actually a friend of mine too and he was a really nice guy and would stick up for his friend. Nevertheless, it is a tragic lost….Rest In Peace Leo

Here’s the article which records the lost of a good friend
Pretty cool picture, old vs new Z…35 years of evolution

Barack 09


San Francisco Academy of Science (free entry by Wachovia=1 hour line)


Star War 2k9

A day without San Francisco Bush street, welcome the Obama street!?!?
Obama Street of SFgate

Currently watching the Inauguration of Barack Obama. All i can say is that there is a lot of people at Washington DC. So far, his speech sounds good but could all his sayings become reality?? I’m somewhat doubting his words because he messed up during the sworn in process..LOL..hows that possible for our 44th president??? Anyways, lets hope there won’t be any free for all violence today. Oh yeah, i thought it was pretty funny how VP Dick Cheney had to roll out with a wheel chair because he pulled his back while packing his stuff. Anyways, i guess karma must of got to him.


Just came back from dinner at my family friend’s house. The food was awesome and so was the visit. Everyone seems to be growing up so quickly, especially with my good Chinese immigrant friend Benson; aka Ben and Bun-jai-e. Well the story is that Ben is only a year older than me and arrived from Guangzhou about 2-3 years ago. I think during his 2nd year in America, he got some girl knocked up, whose 5 years older than he is, and now became his wife. This is just surprising to see that marriage can really be “hip” nowadays and people gots to adapt fast. Anyhow, i haven’t seen his kid for more than a year, since the baby shower, and now he’s a handful. His name is Sean and he is very playful, listens people, and is not shy at all(which i like). Why can’t all babies be a bit like Sean??! Here’s some of the pictures of baby Sean and he really likes to play with musical instruments.

Earlier today, i was shopping with mom and grandma at Chinatown. Everything was going fine, walking through fish stores and such, then i came across this mural. I mean many people have seen this mural, at stockton and pacific street, but somehow i oddly felt offended by this mural. As you look at this picture carefully, with a sense of some Asian American studies background, the mural shows that every chinese have chinky eyes, one of those long wooden stick carriers, and looking like their all opium crackheads. I might be thinking too much, but this damn mural aint fooling me!?!? and it damn sure does not represent the Chinese community in Chinatown….even though there is a degree of truth in this mural…


Pretty cool video


Nothing too exciting today but shopped at the san bruno flea market with grandma and mom. After some real early shopping, we ate at silver ave., where their Chinese porridges were really good. After brunch, we chilled a little at grandma’s place, before we went to costco. We didn’t get much from costco, we only went because tony wanted me to go get his costco photos. After costco, i did a little bit of running, 7 miles to be exact. The run wasn’t my fastest, a whopping 10 minutes slower than usual. After the run, it was already time to go out for a family get together dinner, over at oakland.


It’s just a few days before President Bush leaves office and here are some of his memorable moments.