How you like me now? I'm gettin papers.

What a crazy weekend



what a night at club slide


Been taken a long break from blogging


too real


Bugatti definitely out done the ultra luxury game with this one

fuck…i was supposed to be at coachella too…smfh

Been gone for far too long

Just had an extreme weekend

Photo recap of a busy month

Filled in for management and treated my team to some quality lunch. Also charity work for junior achievement every friday for march.


Attended homeboy’s banquet which got sloppy fast….then evolved into hot mess.


Dinner with the top exec’s.


Rainy weather that just cleared up on a beautiful sunday, had to whip out some OG J’s.

Photo recap of a busy month

SF Harbor

The Origin- The Creators Project

Been too busy chasing money.

A$AP Rocky be blasting on my play list lately, too ill.

Been busy

Flocka recaps Vegas bachelor party


Seriously fake shit kills the game.