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Monthly Archives: March 2011




If this is real she is a certified gangsta.


Certified Thug

i need one.


Hung out with Su, she now look bigger and lazier, kind of like Jack.

Sunday- Dinner at Apus over at San Mateo. Owned by family friend, one of the best Chinese restaurant and no bullshit. Special shout out to the milk tea, it’s quality drink and not premade Quickly style.

Photo recapturing several weeks ago at the Silver Cloud. Karaoke night.



Watched both these movie last night. Limitless was an okay movie if you’re into action and if you’re in the finance industry. Watched part of Battle Los Angeles, it was a really good movie and would highly suggest this over limitless. I wasn’t able to finish it because I had to cut loose to another screening…wish id stayed to finish. Oh well, need to finish the rest on bootleg in a couple of weeks.

Newest addition to the family, niece Natalie.

Up early in the morning at the cemetery to respect the ancestors. It was freezing cold up in the mountains but the food was still just as good. Haven’t seen many of my relatives for awhile so it was pretty cool that we were able to chop it up for a minute and later tonight we’ll be having another dinner together.


Get schooled.

Just feeling like putting up some Biggy. Just being happy to see how some people are doing better while others are still in the struggle. It’s awesome seeing people who you work with finally are moving up to the next latter within the company, especially those who’ve you personally trained and are your apprentice. Cheers.

Looks like an interesting movie.


Was surfing the net and came upon this photo by banksy. Sometimes I think his arts are somewhat political but at the same time portraying what’s real. What’s real about this is that it looks like our generation is the lost generation, adolescences without jobs, no real careers, in their mid 20’s and still in school for their undergrad…smfh. That’s just fucken sad, very much like an extended version of high school activities where dating and partying means the shit in life. I’m not trying to dog or hate on anyone particularly but it’s just too real not to realize what our generation had evolved into. Seriously, people just can’t blame it on the recession and using extended-education(schooling) as an excuse and still be living under they mama house. I’m not saying that I ain’t living under my mama house but if anyone were to put those two together, not working and living with moms, then that’s just sad. Yes not everyone have the money or blessing from the beginning, like myself, but most importantly many people simply lost their motivation. Moreover, the classic slippery-slope path falls underway.

Lunch with mama at the san mateo Izakaya Mai. Caterpillar and Titanic roll.
I would never imagine this girl on the radio would be a white singer..smfh. Adele’s got soul in her like for real for real.


Oh shizzzznitzzz, it’s yah boy Captain Americaaaa…..


I’ll need to take out the 2 seater on a sunny day, it’s been a long time.


Visioning my dreams, would love to return to this place one day and work here in the near future.

Ambitions of a rider. Real talk.


Jamie kills it every time.

Straight up gangsta right hereeeeee. poor boy got power bombed….smfh. deserved it though.


Was falling asleep and saw this music video on mtv2, it caught my attention because of the familiar location of MV set which looks to be at the SF City Hall.

Sunday morning and another single from Nate Dogg. Legend.


Seems like the world is coming to an end for 2011. It hasn’t even been a quarter yet and all hell has been broken loose. Bring the hippies back. My 2 cent.
Air strike on Libya today.


I see why people hate the corporate world. Sometimes you just got to get shitted on and be the scape goat for the upper management, by taking the abuse like a bitch. I believe in karma so if they think they can get away with this shit then I hope they get what they deserve 200% of all the hell they put us through. Im always going to remember the person who fuck with my career
because when I eventually get up there, they will get what they deserve at the rate of 200%.
Lightening and tornado warning in the bay area. Currently it’s raining dog shit out here in Pacifica and the wind is picking up. The end is near…………..smfh.


RIP Nate Dogg, one of the best G-funk artist out there. Most memorable jam from way back in the days, regulators…smh, seems like 2011 have been rough for everyone. tribute to the legend.