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Monthly Archives: July 2011


Message to all the fuck’n haters out there, there is always hope. keep on hatin, you’ll get there.



Saw this article feature on Yahoo! news, all i can think of at the time was that 1 more for the underdog. It”s nice to know that I’ve shitted on majority of these prestigious colleges, even the number 1 ranking and top ranks, Princeton University and Harvard University…swag. link to article, “Colleges that bring the highest paycheck 2011”.

Everything I am not made me everything I am.


Small update. Had plenty of fun over the past few days. Was able to watch Captain America, it was a pretty dope movie because of the storyline and the old futuristic technologies. The ending was pretty sick too, a bonus for the movie which then led to the trailer of “The Avengers”. Needless to say, I am pretty much a fan when it comes to Marvel movies..had a lot to do with my childhood. Anyway, Saturday was a crazy night too, the entire family ate out at Cleo the Brazilian steak house, food were delicious and the portion size was generous(food colma overload). Sunday, was able to hang out with fam and cousin again over at San Jose, it had been awhile since everyone was able to take a short road trip outside of the city. I’m was suprise how many Vietnamese people and business’ over there…definitely a culture shock.

Cleo’s style of eating.

Customize your burger at “The Counter”.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Em still a G as well.

Dope collaboration….Adam Levine is a G.



Felt like its been for ever since my last post. Basically ive been on that daily grind, trying to top what ive achieved the day before. Works been alright I guess, definitely more opportunities then my previous location, which was located in the middle of nowhere. I think this weekend or later this week I’m going to go treat myself to something sickkk/stupid dumb due scoring it big for the fam. Ummm oh yeah, i ill be checking out the comedian Charlie Murphy tonight at the Cobb’s comedy club over at north beach…should be fun i hope.


Fuck yeah, finally secured 100 stacks on the real…count guape all day…


Bowtie Friday. stunt’n.


replay all day…




Copped both the weezy mixtape and bootleg carter iv



Car is art.




LMFAO, HAPPY SATURDAY….and keep hatin…


LMAO, gotta love them hate’n ass people. I got so much creds and recognition from the upper management today even my boss hated on me…ain’t that somethin. Oh well, like i said haters are my biggest fan and motivation….by the way, this foo hated on my whip the other day….smfh…swag.

TGIF. I want me a new toy!


I miss my project cars =[

HBTV: Depth of Speed – JDM Legends Restored from HBTV on Vimeo.

GQ’in with regional president. now that’s fly.