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Monthly Archives: July 2010


Life after college definitely sucks……



I miss working in the city…..the concrete jungle….


…sigh…I need a vacation so bad right about now. I think I have a good idea where this next vacation destination will be, somewhere just plain o’l relaxing.


Pretty cool budget trailer….


Ever since I traded my Honda for the Lexus, brother needed a smaller and more fuel efficient car for school, the Lexus became my daily driver. Even though it doesn’t get the best MPG, the ride is forgiving especially after a long day at work(very comfy). My main transportation have been growing on me lately, I’m kind of diggin the SUV swag.


Woke up real early this mourning and completed my own little physical therapy. I was able to bike for about 10 miles and ran another mile. It was quite a stress reliever, climbing those hills on that bike took my mind off of work…all I could think about at the time was to get to the top of the damn hill so my legs could take a breather. All in all, it was nice what an hour of exercise can accomplish. Following the climb, I went to yum-cha with my family relatives, it was quite some time since I had dim sum. Nonetheless, I can finally say that I my stress level decreased a bit…


I might need to go back to bikram yoga to help relieve stress. I haven’t been doing much exercise lately, been going straight to sleep right after work. Oh yeah, last night I had to go bowling with my co-workers and team members from other branches. To sum things up, it wasn’t much of a game or challenge but more of a social networking and venting mechanism. I now understand what people mean by taking a breather…it’s literally taking a deep deep breath of fresh air.


Recovered a photo of me from awhile back. This photo reminded me of how much i’ve grown over the past few years. The time when this photo was taken was probably from way back senior year in high school,; young and wreck less but at the same time had a close person to rely on. And now it’s the opposite. I no longer have any one to rely on and have so much more responsibility and shit on my plate. All in all, I would trade it all back to the way it was.

“….Somebody take me back to the days.
Before this was a job, before I got paid.
Before it ever mattered what I had in my bank.
Yeah back when I was tryin’ to get a tip at subway….”
– B.o.B


Musical therapy….


TVB series, my stress therapy…


So relieved that my weekend finally started. I began work at 9:30am and got off at 8:45pm, that’s approximately 11 hours of work…salary pay with no over time. During these past few days i’ve been having a lot of consideration about this position because it’s so stressful between balancing to help people with service and meet the sales solution. In my opinion partially due to bad management. Anyhow from this stressful build up, I’ve been having lot of thoughts about this job and other concerns within the sales side of banking(pretty much unrealistic goals). To sum things up, I go to bed stressed and wake up stressed, my body feeling drained 24/7. I seriously couldn’t get a good night sleep this week, waking up throughout the night because of worrying about work and sales solution. I feel like my youth have been taken away after advancing to this position within the banking industry…..All in all, I’m just glad that I won’t have to deal with anymore BS for the next past two days. Big thank you for the federal July 4th holiday, literally saved my life and sanity.


Day 1 on a new quarter and I’m already stressed out…