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Monthly Archives: August 2008


Later Tonight

Had dinner with rose and her sister, at a Korean restaurant. So lets see what i got for my b-day present. Oh yeah, the cake was awesome! Chocolate, my FAVORITE =]

Today i went to Milbre festival, lots of people and lots of fun! Once again, garlic food and soul food BBQ in the house. To list some of the delicious food: garlic fries, babyback ribs, ribeye steak sandwich, bbq chicken on a boat. In addition to the lovely food and sight, the music festival was hella sick. The New Temptation(not the real one) performed and they sound phenomenal + priceless, very very impressive soul music / ol school group. The music was so good, i was jamming it with the crowd…LOL… Aside from the good music and food, swimming was fun too. Later at the pool, had some practice of the cartwheel and swim around, did that about 30 minutes and finally mastered it! Very pleased with the result and what to improve next is to swim faster freestyle swimming. Oh yes, almost forgot the ol school car show!!!



Today must of been one of those frustrating days. I put about 4-5 hours trying to swap out the front sways bars on the 240sx, the problem which had me stuck and made me gave up was the swaybar endlinks. I just couldn’t break them loose, so i just reinstalled everything and probably reinstall the tanabe swaybars next week, at my uncle’s shop. Aside from the car problem, i did the 10k training which was roughtly 6.2 semi-miles, took me 1h 06min. This so call training was just a preparation for the Sundays 8-31-2008 “The Nike+ Human Race Challenge”, it was too bad but i will try to get a faster record…. so i’m ready for it!

Whats for tomorrow???
Probably going to swim, maybe some weight training, and maybe..just maybe going to eat korean food with the “maybe girl”


Sometimes the best things in life are for free

It’s hot and i’m exhausted. Just came back from my first night swim ever. Explaining the experience, I would say it was phenominal. Even though swimming laps only, for night swims, i believe it was well worth $4. Swimming at night time was one of those things that i’ve always wanted to do and today i’ve done it. Especially swimming backwards at night, your stomach and face facing towards the night sky…and there were the bright star!!! OMG, all i can say is that it is also a priceless experience until you’ve actually done it yourself. On top of that, there were musics and lights on the pool, this was what made swimming at night so cool too. Swimming along side with other swimmers were fun too because you could challenge them and to the extent, you could imagine and put your self in the vision of michael phelps during the beijing olymipics…LOL.. but anyways it was so much fun swimming at night.


Today was tiring, yes indeedy. Today, i’ve completed some task, which included cleaning off the paint under my civic, tire rotation, and somewhat clean one side of the r32 rear brake. All that task took close to 3 hour, slow right? Anyways, made some Alfredo fettuccine w/chicken, and of course it’s good. Following, i’ve watched a documentary called “Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden”, which the actor was the same guy from “Super size me”. It was quite a funny documentary but i wouldn’t recommend watching it the second time, due to pointless information.


Another day, another problem. Just when i was getting ready for my 5 days vacation, i found out that i ran over a can of paint while coming home on the freeway. As a result, there are lots of paint under my car and on the wheel well. I guess my plans for tomorrow will be cleaning the car, doing a tire rotation, and prepare the rear skyline brake conversion….oh yes, not to forget that I will be getting started with my homework = (

As for today’s excitement, i did about 2 hour traing and weighted myself. To my surprise, i weighted 158 pounds, which is just a pound under being in the category of normal weight, according to the body mass index calculator = ]

Before the wrap of this post, i would like to provide a picture which pretty much sums up my summer, with all the hardcore training, and a memorable marathon which words couldn’t describe….well maybe the word extraordinary or priceless experience


First day of school was exhausting, books were more expensive than ever and I was very hungry while sitting in a 6 straight hour lecture(just 2 classes)….Anyways here are the results, i managed to follow through -_-


Nothing too interesting today, just stayed home and chilled all day long. Also noticed a little bit of soreness throughout the day, probably from all the running and wii fit workout..LOL..anyways heres some bored pictures of today and how i’m getting ready for the first day of school(tomorrow). Also i’ve included a picture of my desk buddies =]


Just got back from Sacramento which was a two day family reunion trip. On Saturday, we went to a temple, unfortunately it was closed. So we just chilled at my uncle’s house, did some running, and had dinner. Following the dinner, we went to Wal-mart Coming back from Wal-mart we playd the Wii Fit until about 1 am. Waking up the next day, we had some homemade breakfast and then went off to Nut Tree shopping plaza at Vacaville. After a bit of shopping, we got home around 6pm and were all exhausted. Oh yeah, how cool is it when you could see your grandma playing the Wii fit yoga session, “she’s so in”.Anyways, i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mama’s B-Day

Yesterday was my mom’s 51th birthday. What i’ve contributed to this home dinner/pot luck was spaghetti with steak and my older brother made sushi, both were good and so were the cakes.

My First Post


Hey everyone, my name is Danny Tan. Nothing too special about me, just an ordinary SFSU student trying to graduate. Anyways this so called “blog” would be somewhat of a journal and visual/picture story of my everyday life.

Onto my first post, i would like to talk about my summer o8 LA trip with my family and relatives. We went on a four day vacation, places include; the old chinatown, bape+kidrobot store, melrose boutiques, hollywood blvd, and some places which I forgot. Oh yes, and a Chinese temple on hacienda. So lets see if I can find some cool pictures =]

Some updates for my car project
Need to install:
-5zigen FN wheels
-98 240sx USDM side skirts
-Tanabe Sustec Sway bars
-r32 brake conversion
-paint brake + car???