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Monthly Archives: December 2009


Test drove the Mercedes Benz GLK at the dealership, not bad.



Merry Christmas To All


Christmas Eve San Francisco Union Square


Awesome movie….still mad that I haven’t watched it in 3D(i’m down for encore!)


This is how I feel…….pretty much a wrap up of my year of 2009




Sunday= Chinese cuisine+Santana Row+Westfield Valley Fair mall


Acknowledgment by our Wachovia/Wellsfargo Cheif Executive Officer (CEO)


Luck was on my side at work today.


last night = insomnia (3 hour sleep)




Sucks to get sick over the phone…..


Yay got my car fixed on my off day, no more annoying rattling windows. Because Andy was freakin lazy(like always) and didn’t want to give me a ride to the Honda dealership, I had to ride the OG razor scooter all the way down there. While riding down to the dealership, I was given odd looks by local pedestrians and people who were driving by. I probably looked like an idiot but I got to do what I got to do right??? Oh yeah, I just found out that Mercedes dealership got the worst warranty ever, no wonder people prefer BMW and their warranty/services over Mercedes. Yet, while I was getting the SL55 fixed I also had the chance to check out the newer model Mercedes. First things first, I went straight to S65, the car is gorgeous. The S65 felt a little more sportier and more refined(fit and finish) but the Lexus LS460 was much more comfortable and felt best for everyday drive. Sadly I don’t have the disposable income for either of these luxury automobiles. Nonetheless, the AM-Geezy is still a beast O_O


My Monday sucked, how about yours??? Did you ever had one of those days where you thought that everything was goings so well and believe that the rest of the day will end the same way….until at the end of the day you’ve gotten nothing out of it? That is exactly that kind of day my Monday felt like. As a result of this, I was so freakin pissed at the end of the day that I just wanted to do something crazy and outragious that would help relieve my anger. I thought about going for a long jog after work but it was a bit too cold and dangerous to run around at night. Then an ingenious idea came to mind, why not go swimming??? So there I went, swam at the Sava pool for 45 min. while it’s 40 degree outside. All in all, swimming did the job for me and literally lowered my temperature(since I was so piss).


Liane’s baby shower party+family+friends