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Monthly Archives: March 2010


Very very sore back……yoga kicked my a$$



Just completed my 1st Bikram Yoga session at the Pacifica Yoga, it was very very challenging.

What is Bikram Yoga ?

Bikram Yoga Asana, also known as Hot Yoga Asana, is a style of yoga asana developed by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram Yoga Asana is practiced in a room heated to 105°F (40.5°C) with a humidity of 38%. The series consists of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Classes are 90-minutes. This is an all level class. A minimum of 3 times a week is advised to derive maximum benefits from Bikram Yoga Asana.


Today was my off day so I went car shopping again. I’ve finally had the chance to test drive one of my favorite car of all time, the BMW M3 coupe. I have always been a fan of this car, due to it’s racing heritage and super car-like body cues. At last, I was able to really test drive the purist raw 6 speed manuel, rather than the clunky abundant Sequential Manuel Gearbox(SMG) automatic transmission. Initially, while testing driving the car, I’d expected a lot out of this incredable machine. Yes, the car was fast and handled alright. Unfortunatly, the car wasn’t as sporty and superior as I thought it would be. The transmission was not smooth at all, I wasn’t able to down shift properly and the gears were kind of notchy like the Infiniti g35. The handling wasn’t as extreme and impressive as the Honda s2000. The acceleration wasn’t stupidly fast like the Mercedes SL55. In sum, I must say the BMW M3 was somewhat of a let down and the “hype” of the car did not live up to itself. Nonetheless, the car search must go on. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to take a look at the 2008 BMW 528i sports package.


Test drove this car after work, it was a terrifyingly-good experience…..left the dealer all sweaty palms


*****How I spent my weekend*****
Get together dinner at Grandma’s place (baby Hilary).

Had breakfast with Commodore Stockton Elementary School principle Dr. Li, she hadn’t change a bit for the past 15 years.

Had a holy grail moment watching a Manny Pacquaio vs Joshua Clottey fight at my Filipino co-worker’s home, with an entire tribe of Filipinos. It was great fight and a different experience, oh yeah I had Filipino food all day(it was awesome).

Boss daughter’s Ava 2nd birthday party at Alido’s restaurant (Filipino food)


News just leaked and I’m about to get promoted! It’s about time….


Greatest TV show ever…….


She’s got soul.


…sigh…No update lately because I was got too caught up at work and lazy to update after work.