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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Just came back from the San Jose flea market. I felt like I just came back from Mexico, especially the long drive back home. Anyhow, today was a nice day to be in the outdoor especially when the sun is out and the temperature was medium warmth. Oh yeah, the movie “2012” was so0o interesting. For those who haven’t watched it probably have already heard what the movie was about. In short, the movie was about how our solar system will coincidentally form a straight line at the year 2012, which then triggers an extreme unstable atmosphere on the earth’s core/temperature. As a result, natural disaster strikes and the world comes to an end which then leads to another new era called year 1. Nonetheless, awesome movie.



Today was my first real Saturday off since i’ve been working. The day started out with some breakfast at “The Kitchen’. Afterward, we did some shopping at Tanforan, there was still a lot of shoppers despite the aftermath of black Friday sales. And after we’ve shopped at the mall, I miraculously wanted to go for a long run. As I result, I suited up and ran the Millbre hills. Sadly, I find myself more out of shape than ever. My rusty legs needed some dusting off, I could no longer run 5 miles straight. So with more and more frequent rest/walking period, throughout the run, I found my self 10 minutes slower than my usual pace. Anyhow, as I was walking home I saw two old ladies(+70) trying to maneuver a cabinet into the back seats. I don’t know why but I just somehow offered those old ladies some help. They thanked me with some religious term(this happened outside the church), they said something like,”Thank God he sent you here at the right time and place to bless us with your help”(simplified version). Anyhow, it’s funny what simple things like being a good Samaritans can do for certain people.


Happy Thanksgiving to all


Felt like I haven’t post an entry for the longest time. So what I’ve been up to was just work, work, and more work. I really miss those time when I was just chilling at home and watching TVB series all day long. On the other hand, I do remember those time when I have absolutely nothing to do and bored as hell, not doing anything productive at all. Yet, my only motivation for now are the bi-weekly pay checks. Oh yeah, recently my other aunt had just gave birth to another baby girl, Hilary. The name is kind of weird but oh wells, it didn’t stop them from continuing with the awkward names, such as; Isabella,Ceres, Janessa, Ethan, Leeann. And I’m just so happy that I get thanksgiving off tomorrow, that means more free time for myself and the fambam.


I hope this is a joke


Day Off: clinic>buffet>baby sit>construction dump site


Congrats to Manny and he does it for the Philippines….again….


Finally it’s the end of Friday from work. So throughout the day, I was doing just fine at work, until people had brought up that today is Friday the 13th. I was like, shut the hell up, you just ruined my day. I think it’s really a psychological thing when people tell you that it is Friday the 13th. As a result of this indication, I started to hesitate throughout the entire day while at work, I was like triple checking all my work so I wouldn’t F anything up. Anyhow, I managed to do “almost” everything correctly today. Yet, there was also another topic which I was hearing throughout the entire day and the topic is tomorrow’s fight, Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto. For those who follow my blog, ya’ll probably are aware that my entire branch employees are Filipinos/as. Because of this segregation, I felt like I was certainly the minority of this Pacquiao fight discussion and they seem to take a lot of pride for their fighter. Some of my co-workers are even going to the extent to fly to Las Vegas just to watch the fight. I mean this is a lot of pride, not only that, but they’re spending close to more than a week of their pay check on this trip. Anyhow, if we Chinese have that much pride for their boxer, I’d too one day consider to become a boxer. But in reality, this is less likely to happen for a Chinese boxer, mainly because Chinese are cheap. Seriously, if the fast food joint :Mc Donald’s” couldn’t make it in Chinatown, I doubt they’ll even support any Chinese boxer….


….sigh….My 2 days vacation is about to end soon, why!?!? Anyhow, yesterday was somewhat of a slow day. I dropped off my mom at the bank and I went off to McDonalds for breakfast. It was kind of an interesting sight at the local McDonalds because all of the customers that were dining-in were older folks, in their late 70’s and 80’s. I overheard some of their interesting conversations, they were a group of older European/Italian folks who talked about WWII and how their parents use to beat on them when they were young. In addition, they got into a heated discussion about religion and how 2011 will be the end of the world(according to the bible). It’s not that I was all up in their business/ease dropping but I was just curious of how the older generations has a completely different view than our current generation. I guess these very two different views are whats keeping our society divided, both politically and socially. Later that night, I went out for dinner with some of my old economics classmate. Only half a year had gone by and already many things have changed. One of my friend is going to move to another state after graduation, while another is having plans for marriage very soon. It seems like when people hit the age of 20, there seems to be more and more pressure by society and their parents; such as a stable career, marriage, kids, and etc. Anyhow, it is true what people use to say, “we should enjoy our youth while we can”. I guess now, in our 20’s, we should take advantage of the phrase, “live life to the fullest”.

As for today, Veterans Day, I hung out with my parents. So we first headed over to a barbershop, which my dad recommended and is located at the hidden allies of Chinatown. I was first skeptical of the place because my bro’s were saying that it was located at a ghetto ally and the barber was very old school(use blade). It was no joke when they said that place is located at a ghetto ally, I had to walk through a porno stand, through some gates, down some stairs, and pass the dimly lit neon barber sign”Wai’s Barber Shop”(Jackson st., between Stockton and Grant). Once I stepped in, I felt like I stepped back in time, felt like the 70’s. The folks there had 70’s style hair style along with the whole shop set up. Yet, I must say that the barber was pretty damn good. He did pull out his signature blade, only to give me a fly ass shave; shaved my face and uni brow. Not only was I satisfied with the service and price($5) but he was a really down to earth dude aka Mr. Yee. Afterward, my parents and I went to yum-cha. Following breakfast, we visited my uncle’s new apartment. Later that night, our family had a small hotpot dinner….It was “muy deliciouso”


Well yesterday was my first day of on a Saturday but I was required to attend a Wachovia employee rally. It was somewhat fun I guess, I had the chance to meet my bosses boss and he was pretty nice and down to earth. In addition, I was able to meet some employees from other branches, along with those coworkers which I had met back in training. The rally included; lunch, awards, guessing games, and a group project of preventing an egg from cracking from a 10 foot fall. Nonetheless, it was a great experience and was able to get to know more about my coworkers from outside of work.

Today was also a fun day. Tony, his friends, and I went on an outdoor bike expedition, estimate total of 35 miles. Again, we rode at Woodside, which includes many up and down hills, along with endurance hill climb. Luckily, the weather turned out great, average between 65-70 degrees. For this reason, the sun wasn’t beating on our back like it was suppose to, making it a breezy ride. After some mourning exercise, we attended my little cousin Ceres’ first birthday party. Even though we arrived late to the party, there was still a bunch of food left and we made it right on time for the ice-cream cake.


Can’t believe I am still up at 12:30am in the mourning but I finally got to finish an old tvb drama series….it’s pretty good =]


Yummy, beef for dinner =]


So I’ve been slowly recovering from my sickness but the seasonal allergy is still there. Besides work, I haven’t came up with any plans for how I will spend my wonderful 2 days off for Labor Day next week(tuesday+wensday). I probably won’t have anything special to do on those particular days but I guess I’ll finally come around and have the time/chance to play this game, which I’ve bought an entire month ago. The game is called, “Punch Out!!!” for Wii, which is a remake of a childhood game I used to play.


sick+allergy+job = error at work…..


Uhhhh, I hate allergy season. Anyhow, went to yum-cha this mourning. After breakfast, we went to visit my aunt at the hospital who recently gave birth to our newest member to the family, Lianne. She’s a healthy 7 pound baby and very cute. After the short visit, we dropped by my cousin’s house again for dinner, this time for the celebration of my uncle’s birthday. We seem to have a lot of “get together” these past few weeks and I think I might of gained some weight because it. Nonetheless, it is a day of celebration because we have ourselves a new Halloween baby cousin!