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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Last minute changes

Finally made the jump to WordPress. Why did it take me so damn long? Just been lazy, I wanted my blog to be plain simple and easy. It looks like it’s finally time to put extra effort to make some better changes for the up coming year, 2012. 2012 will be definitely a prosperous year for myself, family and friends. Why I know that? I ain’t no fortune-teller but I know damn well nothing came easy in like thus far. Personally I already got plans lined up for work, personal goals, and family set goals. Damn I’m just too thankful for all the opportunities I’ve encountered this year and all the things I achieved this year.

A list of things I can list on top of my head:

1)Licensing Opportunity, to be continued. Promo after promo, bonus after bonus.

2)Company gave me the opportunity to have trained two newbies, and now successful individuals and good friends.

3)Cancun trip

4) Blessed with having Jack the salt&pepper schnauzer

5)Became a home owner and a landlord all together. hawtdamn.

6)Unforgettable Birthday in Las Vegas. omfg. cray.

7) Trip to Disneyland and Los Angeles, and Reno

8)Unforgettable night, Watch The Throne Kanye West and Jay Z. Idols.

9)All of the people i’ve met this year.

10) All the joy of having good food, movies, and albums.

11) All the new kicks and reto Jordans

12) My mentor, advisor, business partner, big brother Ben.

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The motto in Vegas.


Was cleaning out the closet earlier and dug up these old school photo.

Middle school graduation.

Photo of the three amigos chillin after school at. Us three go way back since preschool and shit. Also deuces to big homie Edwin who past on earlier this year, now in a better place. never forgotten.

Old but instant classic.


Remincising highlight 2011. WTT. Fuck’n epic.

Best Christmas gift 2011. Mackin.

Goodbye, so long Reno!

Woodland exploring.

Merry Christmas!
Big Tex in the house.

Lift off to Reno.
12-23-2011. Dime. Xmas dinner with the fam, on me.


Can’t wait til I get this last day over with, forced vacation til next year. yezzir.


Went car shopping with the fam. I’m torn, they’re both all time fav.


Been awhile since 50 came out with a hit. i see potential with this one.


Watch the Throne was an epic night to cap off my short vacation.


Awwwwwww snap we goin to paris.

sneak peak jigga man and yeezy


Creative and sickkkkkkk


Holiday season photo