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Monthly Archives: June 2011


I was way back in the crowd the other day and was not able to get a good look at the girl Michelle. She looks very different from the piano playing artist I once saw back in middle school. One word, DIME.


Tuesday: day off. lunch with mom at san mateo and garden shopping.



Jack being lazy while I was at home for lunch.

Recap last night, Cobb’s Comedy Club….Anjelah Johnson was helllaaa funny…


Backyard BBQ with the fam.

Sunday- hung out at the Alice 97.3 concert hosted at the SF Golden Gate park.

Havent seen these two faces in like a entire decade. It’s nice being able to find someone you know anywhere you go in San Francisco. As you can see, this event was crackin. Had Michelle Branch, One Republic, and several other artists out there. Good times.


The other night. Hung out with homegirl at the chesscake factory, the straberry chesscake and cafe mocha was guud.

Saturday- day off and had lunch at the local korean restaurant…xtra spicy seafood noodle.


its been hella hot… was i doing in a suit the entire day…


Been a chill ass day…..

Happy fathers day. Sunny ass day for a Sunday. Went out with one of my home girls to check out the annual north beach festival. The street vendor food were crackin, had some new orlean smoke black prawn w/jumbolia and maryland style bbq oysters and crab cakes. While strolling around, picked up couple of items, i got myself some nice poster prints and a tee reppin north beach. Following the festival we roll into downtown and cop some thangs for fathers day.


Baby cousins drop by after work for some backyard BBQ. Then off to the Blue Man Group show with mi-amigos.

Had a change of heart, seriously thinking about resurrecting the 7.


Had the morning off so went to the San Mateo ABC cafe for breakfast. Right after grabbing something to eat we headed over to half-moon bay to pick up some flowers. Photo recap.

Moma picking some thangs for the garden

How we roll

Flowers everywhere


Hung out with new coworkers on a Sunday. First time visiting Castro, it was a very disturbing experience. Never again…
Friday: drop by aunt’s new place and visit them baby cousins

Saturday night: took the family out to the San Mateo Prime for a good time. My plate: 8oz prime, garlic linguine, baby spinach, popover and tiramisu.


Self-made mentality.


Gucci Mane- shout out to my set


Saw this earlier on the news, Mexican Mafia moving from rocket launchers, to grenades to bombproof killing armored trucks…..smfh.


Have been finding another way for stress relief. So what better to do then to hang out with Jack and catch up with some TVB series. The main actress right heeerr, got skills.


Sunday- hung out at San Jose with fam.

Saturday- Dinner at the SF Fog City Dinner, drank with some coworkers, Hangover 2 at century 20 daily city. By the way, fell asleep throughout the entire movie, not that it was weak but we were drinking before the movie….smfh…never again.

Friday- Watched X-men First Class, it was alright.


First day at the new job, not bad but its feels very different. Definitely no longer in my comfort zone =[. On the other hand, I’ve meet a very unique client today which pretty much help end the day with a smile. I just want to help them promote her awareness group which basically is an up lifting group and does charity work for the children and for the needs. Balloons for Luv Organization.

By the way I work with someone that looks like Lebron..smh