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Monthly Archives: January 2010


What had this world turn into…..
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Just return home from the Metreon movie theater, watched the screening called “Edge of Darkness”. The movie was quite good, thriller/detective type of movie. I guess the moral of the movie was that no matter how much money you have or how high your government profile is, someone or something will always uncover the crime. It was a good movie, wouldn’t say it’s an epic movie like Lord of the Ring. Anyhow, I’ll rate it 8/10.


Baby sitting had gotten me sick -_-…….prime suspect




Saturday, day off. Went to the Chinese temple over at Richmond district, had to go to the temple on this particular day because according to the Chinese zodiac that there might be some bad luck for those who are ox and goat. Even though I am neither, I was just there for my brothers. Afterwards, I attended the S.F. Philadephian SDA Church and met up with my co-worker. I didn’t know what I was actually getting into, I thought we just had to listen to someone preach but it was actually bible study. So I got to met Pastor David, who basically lectured a small group of believers. Today’s lecture was specifically about the time frame of Jesus being crucified and the separation of divinity and feelings of an ordinary man. It kind of suck that the pastor ended the session just then and there, it was pretty interesting much like chasing TVB series. A line which really stuck to me was, “God’s intention is not to bring us around good time but to bring us THROUGH bad time”. I think I finally understand why many people find their religion in prison or at their lowest point in their life, it’s because God’s spiritual belief are what help keep them sane, prime example is Malcolm X. On the other hand, I must say Christianity is pretty interesting, but I’m not going to say that I’ll convert anytime soon. It’s just that I like how they find deeper understanding to life and how they have strong spiritual upkeep. I guess I’m just a fan of Jesus and motivation.


Yay Friday is over, finally another two day weekend. So what will I be doing on my off day tomorrow? Well, my co-worker invited me to go to church with her tomorrow. I actually never been in an actual church prayer/session-thingy before. The most awkward part of my voluntary visit will be that I’ll be the minority at the church because I was told that it’s a “black” church, located near the Fillmore district. I first hesitated about attending to this so called “invitation” but I will remain open minded and try not to be ignorant about majority/minority when it comes to visiting Mr. G. and his son Jesus. Because I will be entering an unknown territory tomorrow, I told my co-worker that my theft deterrent will be bringing less cash and wear more cloths. Nonetheless, she agreed that it’ll be a good suggestion. So0o I’ll just have to see how tomorrow will turn out =]


This must be the coolest ever made…..


It surely does not feel like a true holiday off for this Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Today’s one of those holiday where all financial institution takes a day off, much like those government holidays for Christmas and New Years. If the weather didn’t suck as bad, it probably would of been a different turn out. So what did I do on my day off? I had lunch in San Mateo with my bro’s. Afterward, rest a little bit at home. Shortly I got really bored so I went out side for a quick run. Unfortunately, about two miles later it suddenly starts raining and hailing. As a result from getting hammered by the rain and hail(all wet) I had to turned back and took the detour route home. While running back home, all I could think off was this T-shirt I saw at the San Francisco downtown Nike-town store which reads, “If I stop running, how do I get home”. True story. Hope I won’t get sick tomorrow.


Felt like I haven’t posted for the longest time. So not much new nowadays but just been training for some up coming events and have been on top of my game at work. I’ve been dubbed top sales at the branch for the last two weeks and on top 5 sales in the entire San Francisco/Peninsula region. Other than my “9 to 5”, I’ve been saving up some money for a new project car. Unfortunately, my parents requested that I make some mortgage payment on the loan principle. After their request had been done, 20 years of savings been gone just like that. Needless to say, there won’t been plans for a new project car anytime soon….sigh…..Anyhow, hopefully I can get a salary paid job so I can buy whatever I want…..just a glimpse of what I was looking at…..


This song was so well written.


I got a big ass bruise on my arm. -_-


Someone had panda eyes today -_-


Training season had officially begun.


Sunday. The mourning began like any other good Sunday which is a sunny blue sky and a somewhat of a chilly weather. Since the sun was out and the floors were dried, I begun my day with a 5 mile run. It was a quite a breeze running through the streets of Millbre, where the streets were clear and minimal cars drove past(natural fresh air). Following the mourning exercise, the family and I had some breakfast/lunch at the local Vietnamese restaurant. Immediately after lunch, we had to get dress and attend a funeral of an in-law’s parent who had just past away recently. There was obviously grieving at the ceremony. Even though I haven’t personally got to know him(only met him a few time), I can tell by the speeches which were spoken about his life that he was a very generous and loving grandfather. Furthermore, life is too short so we should all make the best out of it. I wish the best to the Hom family.


As we all know, a new year literally means a brand new fresh beginning. What I’ve had going in 2009 will definitely be left behind in the past, stored along with the previous years in my memories or as of what I can still remember. Anyhow, I hope 2010 will be one of the greatest years to come because I’ve finally lift a long heavy burden which I’ve been carrying for the past few years. It was a burden of loyalty, emotional attachment, and an optimistic view which I had strongly believed in and repeatedly fell knees weakened for. However, truth had been told and gray areas had been darkened and vision clearer than ever. There will be definitely changes in 2010. Although I will remain as a person with optimistic view, I’ll no longer be a naive person with strong emotional attachment. Not saying that I’ll be a senseless person, but I be getting use to the phrase “when to let go and move on”. I didn’t want to end this entry on a sad note, so I wish myself good luck and meet all of my new years resolution. In short for new years resolution; get healthy/fit, get hired in my desired career path, encounter that new special someone who I will be able to share my passion with, and wish my entire family to be strong and healthy. Best of luck in 2010 and may all of these wishes become true.