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I want to visit the aquarium……

Kuroshio Sea – 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world – (song is Please don’t go by Barcelona) from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.



Alcoholics should seek intervention…


Just signed up for this bike event Tour de Peninsula. Hopefully I will conquer this 63 miles course this Sunday =]


Just came back from a short mountain run/drive. The funny thing was before I even got to the winding roads, i got pulled over by a lady cop aka ah-madam. But of course I used my intelligence to get out of a potential large fine. So what had happen was that the officer caught me speeding at a residential zone. So she asked me if i knew why I was pulled over and of course I went into “stupid/clueless mode” and said “No”. I went into “stupid/clueless mode” because it’s the best way to avoid anything and punishing a dumb person with a large fine is harsh and senseless. Anyhow, she asked me if i knew what the speed limit was and i responded “25”, then she corrected me and said “20” and clocked me at “45”. Then I put on my acting skills, much thanks to all the TVB series and said, “oh really, i had no idea i was going way past the speed limit”(with the hand gestures). After checking my license and registration, she just let me off and said she’ll ticket me if I went over the limit again. It’s funny how I was over more then twice the speed limit and got off so smoothly. Anyways i think part of my charm and good looks had help got me off this ticket….LOL…

An example of what a winding road looks like, similar to the course I was driving on. People might not know why some of these driving roads are fun, while others like myself do. To keep things short, it’s fun to drive on these road, tests’ your driving skills and the capability of your car.

Odd but creative short film, made in China.

Water Brain Complete Edition(16:9) from Johann.Poo on Vimeo.

Had some breakfast with grandma and mom today, she stayed over at our house last night and will be staying for one more night. Grandma’s taking a short vacation from baby sitting Ceres and Paypay, sometimes even women thinks that there’s too much estrogen in the house.


What a mourning, just return home from the county jail. My first time visit was quite an interesting experience, much like Akon’s music video “Locked up” (with the orange jumpsuit and gated buses). Anyhow my friend K. told us that he’s doing well, i told him he looked more “ying” since he’s been there and because he shaved his head. Since he was there he told me he’s been reading some novels and doing 200 push up’s a day. I guess serving time really just wants the inmates to reflect at their wrong doings and looking at it as a long long time out. The isolation from our communication was with the bulletproof window and telephone. An interesting sight i’ve noticed was that there was a new born baby and the baby’s mom, going to visit the baby’s father. This sight was like a movie, we all have watched movies where the dad is in jail and misses part of the baby’s life, but this time it was in Blue-ray style. Anyhow, this visit to the county jail was sort of a wake up call indicating that anything can happen and it’s best to avoid stupid situations.


Late night entry. Just came home from a long day of fun. Today I spent about 8 hours at Great America theme park with bunch of my friends. A lot had been accomplished today, such as rides which i thought i would never be able to ride; the drop zone and demon. I thought i would never get on the drop zone, mainly because it looks so high up and scary. But i guess i wanted to take the challenge today, thinking that this thrill ride would help prepare me for a sky diving experience (one day). After that ride, I think I somewhat lost my voice (due to extremely loud b*tch-like scream). Anyhow, demon was also a ride i thought i would never get on but wanted to live life on the edge at the moment(i’ve heard many news about people dying and getting stuck on this ride). Luckily, I got through this ride safe and sound. But i still feel dizzy from all the whiplash, i think i’ve probably lost a bunch of brain cells from all the movements of the brain. Oh yeah, while I was at the theme park I’ve noticed a lot of college student/student workers and it had me thinking. Recently i’ve watched a comedy movie called “Adventureland” and those young employee’s just really reminded me of that movie( which was about college student’s finding a summer job at an amusement park to help pay for their school tuition). Uh besides a long day in the sun and dose of adrenaline rush, i must take a good night sleep and be able to wake up early tomorrow mourning. I got to wake up early tomorrow because couple of my friend and I will go visit my friend whose in jail.


No room for racism either

It’s 8 in the freakin mourning and feeling great, just dropped off andy to school. Currently I’m sipping on some mourning Peet’s coffee. While taking my daily dose of caffeine, I clicked on today’s head line news, corruption. FBI just arrested about 30 politicians, mayors, deputy officers, and city councils. How embarrassing is that, even top ranking officials corrupt the system in order to make a little more money for themselves. Anyhow, it’s nice to know that our political and economic reform is active and slowly cleaning up this corrupted world. I guess Obama’s the new sheriff in town and you don’t want to F around……link…..


Late night entry. Summer is about to end soon and i still haven’t found a job yet. So what better to do than to follow what everybody’s talking about which is to continue school after graduation. Today, J. and I checked out one of the MBA session at the SFSU downtown campus, surprisingly that place looks 10x better than the one at 19th and Holloway. Anyways applying for an MBA isn’t all that easy; you got to have an average of 3.3 gpa, score a 580 on GMAT, recommend having worked for 3 years, 2 recommendation, a purpose letter, and $50k. Sounds a bit hard to get into the school but school will be school. This makes me feel like a new high school student applying for college and SAT all over again. Anyhow, I don’t think I will be applying for an MBA anytime soon, after checking how hard the GMAT tests were, when we was at Boarders. Yet, there still may be a possibility that I’ll continue school after working for a couple of years and study for the GMAT. Oh well, i’ll just have to delay on the graduate school plans and make some hard earn cash first.

(inside joke)


An old guest dropped by my fortress today (many ages ago when this pictures was taken)

Boring day and mom bugging about J-O-B again….


Dinner at Tommy’s Joynt -_-

Don’t know why but i woke up feeling some old school……


Summer BBQ extravaganza (day 2)

AhhH just when i thought i got the hang of cycling again, I fell and scrapped my palm. I haven’t gotten any scrapes this bad since middle school, to be specific it was from skateboarding…good times =]


It’s finally Friday, how fun. Fridays are supposedly be the most anticipated day of the week, but somebody/person said isn’t it like Friday everyday for me??? I didn’t know if i should of been offended or not, because she said I don’t have a J-O-B, it made me think for awhile. Usually when Friday approaches(when i had school), I looked forward to that day everday because the next day i could relax and go all out on this Friday night, but now approaching Friday is still desirable but my utility is smaller then when Friday was approaching during school time. Anyways, i just think Friday is like a church Sunday for me because it always feels like a 3 day weekend on Fridays. So whats up for today??? Defiantly thought about the Pho-king challenge but my appetite just got smaller when I saw how big the portion was. So the activity for today/tonight is a backyard BBQ (last minute thing), what’s summer without a BBQ right?!?


aHhh summer break is about half way over and the weather’s going to suck soon again, sigh. Sometimes i miss going back to school, i never really figured out why until i had this conversation with my friend J. a few days ago. So the reason why i might miss going to school is it provides a guide for people like me, who prefers to have daily objectives and task to follow. However, now post college life, I feel lost because there isn’t any objectives to follow and execute. Yet I also hate to wake up 7 in the mourning everyday but i do miss my daily cup of Joe though. Anyways, i guess it’s a bittersweet thing with school and I, no relationship is perfect right??? Oh well enough about the topic of school. Since I didn’t want to end my summer break “boring-like” I wanted to find something fun to do. Few hours ago i was talking to one of my high school friend(facebook) and he was going to a food challenge, a ginormous bowl of Pho, this place is located at San Francisco’s Richmond district called “Pho Garden”. I’ve always been interested in taking one of these challenges, since I’ve seen numerous episodes of these challenges on TV(Adam Richmond’s Man vs. Food), that is until I did some research online about this challenge. OMFG, i could not believe how freaking big the serving portion size was, it can literally feed a family of 5. However, that is the main point of taking the food challenge. I think I might have to think this over before even planning to take this challenge =[ ………

Objective:2 pounds of noodles and 2 pounds of combination beef with tripe
Rules: 1 hour ,must eat all noodles and combination beef with tripe to successfully beat the Pho Garden Challenge.
Reward: Hang an 8x10in personal photo of you on the wall of Pho Garden Champions and free meal.


Haven’t been blogging for awhile…maybe because there isn’t any interesting coming up lately. Yet I’ve been thinking about one thing, it’s a complicated situation which deals with a life and death situation. So lets just say there’s this one girl whose all of the sudden gotten sick from a random infection and has to stay in the hospital for several weeks. While the doctor was scanning what was wrong with her , the doctor informs her that she’s pregnant. The complication with this situation is that there might be a chance that the mother’s sickness may affect the child’s health. For this reason, would it be harsh/evil to not want the baby. I always thought the these situations comes up only in drama series and in the news, such as cases of euthanasia and abortion. But looking at it this way(long-term wise), the cost of medication and possibly affect the child learning capability. Furthermore, would it be evil to make certain decisions where you’ll have to take away someone’s life so it’ll be less painful for the future???


Oh sNaps, the rise of the fallen….link…..