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Bored at my grandma’s house

ApPy hAlLowEeN!?!?!?

All i can say is that the weather sucks today. It’s freezing cold, feet are wet, and it’s dark. Anyhow, I am still working on my power point presentation and will be meeting my professor later to see whats needed to be axed and added. So i was so bored from doing all this work, i just realized that i spend most of my time at the office. Here’s the picture of my cubicle and where i’ve studied for my bachelor degree.



It has been such a drag today, just trying to do my power point presentation but i kept on going off track. As a result of frustration, i made myself some hot chocolate and planned to get me some recesses pieces from the Halloween candy bucket. When walked to where the chocolates were located yesterday, it seemed to disappeared. The chocolates miraculously disappeared right???..impossible. It didn’t take me long to learn that my mom hid the chocolates away, but i didn’t go down without a fight. From the results of searching, i couldn’t find any chocolate!??! This got me hella mad, so i just ate some type of chocolate greentea candy instead…..

…………A place called Heaven…………….

The raining season has come which means less outdoor activities = [ But lets look on the bright side, both of my rides get a car wash and less trick or treaters mean more chocolate for me!?!?

No school today. So got up this mourning, drove moms to work and got some starbeezy afterwords. As of now, i am surfing the net and saw something intriguing. Lets back track a bit, Mexicans have been fighting corporate America, with their RV taco stands, and Tacobell fought back by giving away free taco on Tuesday. In my perspective, i thought the revivalries were only between them two. Yet my persumptions were wrong. As i was roaming around the net, i discovered from another blog that mexicans might have their hands full, that is hand full of competiters. From the pictures, you can see that Japanese are also getting into the market of entrepeunership, where they drive their American influence VW’s and set up quickie marts. The japanese are more remarkable because they’re competing with all the taco stands and the liquir stores!?!? That includes all the 7-elevens, sushi boats, and habibi’s on the corner. Needless to say, the Japanese compete with style and more varieties. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…


Saw peter parker at stones town today

So i had to crash on Andy’s bed yesterday because my grandma slept on my bed. As a result of the sudden change in my get up schedule, i over slept and was late to school…a whole whopping hour and a half late… Oh well, my international relations class wasn’t even that important anyways. My grandma stayed over because my mom didn’t have to work today, so i guess tony will have to take them to go yum-cha and spend the whole day with them.

As of now, i’m in the computer lab surfing the internet. There haven’t been anything too interesting today but i did stumble upon a sad sad discovery. And nope it’s not about Jennifer Hudson’s family getting shot up, but i wish her and her family well, but it’s the death of a Godzilla aka Nissan GTR. This almost made me cry for a moment, i mean this car haven’t even been released that long in America and it’s already being sold in a salvage auction. Sometimes i just hate people who treat their baby(car) like trash, when the car serve them well….some how I feel like i’m getting a little too emotional about this topic, but cars do have emotion/personality too… here’s the poor GTR looking in distress


Almost forgot to say happy birthday to my younger(big) cousin pay-pay aka joyce,fay-teen, chow-pay. I believe she’s finally made it to 8 years old but stuck in a 12 years old body, she’s over grown…

Today was quite odd. Usually after driving my mom to work, i get my mourning coffee. Yet Starbucks was closed today, due to power outage, as a result i just went home without coffee. So i got home and did some exam cramming, without my daily up of Joe, and kind of made a small cheat sheet for today’s exam. Aside from studying, tony brought me to “front of the pack” cycling shop, at palo alto. I tried out a triathlon bike, by Kouta, and i must say tri-bike was a whole new experience. From the test ride, i now might get a tri bike rather than a road bike, since its also cheaper and more flexible. Anywho, the bike got me sweating pretty badly because it required a little more leg muscle than ususal. Besides biking and today’s economic exam, the day was fairly interesting and like any other normal day.


Came home early because of neck and hip pain. It isn’t as bad as it sounds, also want to study for tomorrow’s econ exam.
I found a picture of the similar road course we rode on yesterday, but like 5x steeper and longer.


Aside from today’s crash, i must say that it was somewhat tiring but still extremely fun. We went to the same downhill course which i went with my 240sx a year ago. All the twist and turns, at a very high speed (around 35 mph), made me feel like i was on an actual motorcycle. It was such an energy rush going through them turns with only body leans. I think i may do this again next week, if my leg feels better. The bruise/pain isn’t half as bad as foot injury pain. I would only rate this pain about 25-30%, whereas injured foot was 100% painful.
Today was crazy…CRAZY… After our family ate at the shanghai restaurant , Tony and I went to bike at Woodside. It was really tiring up the hills and mountains, therefore, “no pain no game”. Just when i thought all the tiresome part of the route was done, ~5 miles hill climb, the unexpected happen. I fell and i fell hard. I was probably going 15 mph when i fell off the bike. The accident had happened because i went too much to the right and then off road. As a result, the front tire blew out and i guess i fell on my side upper leg and head. Most of my weight fell on my upper leg and then transferred the momentum onto my shoulders. I remember right after the fall, i just got up and brought the bike and myself to the side. So as i was checking if everything was ok, the tire made a hissing sound, which was the worst part of the fall because bike with no tire means walk. Since i could no longer ride, my bro just went to get the car and it took him an 45 minutes or so.

After getting picked up and driven home, i went CSI on my bicycle accident. Here are the results from the fall: blew out tire, a big bruise on my upper left leg, a “bear attack like” jersey, broken sunglass, a broken helment and little pain on my head. I must say, the cheap helment really saved my life, even though it broke into two pieces. Also, i’m suprised that i survived the crash without any scratches and rashes. So here are the evidence collected from the crash and dinner at millbre.


sOoOo tired, just got back from a 35 miles cycling. What made the ride worst was that i had to ride on a shitty old bike….what could go wrong had gone wrong =(
I found this video quite funny but also cheesy. Moreover, it’s relevant to our future life.

Wassup 2008

Just came back from yum-cha. Like always, we’re all hella full because my mom always order too much items. Then we got something something from millbre’s farmers market.


Just came back from a hk dessert place with SARs..Also took some nice pictures of a really really old school Datson 240z aka first “fairlady z”

O-M-G i saw the porsche panamera at nob hill today. It was unbelievable, i didn’t believe it myself. I thought this car was going to release next year but i guess not. There was some concept cover over the trunk but that shit didn’t fool me at all. It’s a four door porsche which was the instant give away. Anyways, it was a really exciting encounter, very much like the time when i spotted the first pre-release Lexus IS-F. I think being able to spot these incredible car is so much fun.

While doing research,I stumbled upon a quite unexpected headline local news on yahoo. From yesterday’s post, i wrote something about RV taco stands, today i find something shocking about RV taco stands. I mean what a coincidence, a proud owner of a RV taco stand was murdered and robbed. I guess owners of RV taco stands not only have to deal with the corporate America but also low-life people from the hood. The article, “Brothers convicted of Oakland taco truck slaying”
After driving my mom to work, i got myself some Starbucks coffee. Nothing special, just plain ol coffee, sugar and cream. With my daily dose of coffee, it helps me focus on school work


On the way to pick andy up from night school, i realized that i went passed numerous amounts of them RV taco stands. I guess mexicans are trying to over through all the major taco and burrito franchisee. If this is true, more people will be laid off during this recession, mainly TacoBells and delTaco employees. And here’s the proof, right outside andy’s night school.
Not much today, just been watching TVB and making a study guide for Tuesday’s econ exam. Oh yeah, i was camping out earlier, during the time when them kids were getting off of school. The results were, i didn’t catch anyone because no trouble appeared today. So that mean’s one day of relief for my car. I think the possibilities of catching them tomorrow might be better because they might be too excited for the weekend and do some stupid shit.


Just came back from running. It felt great to get back on the road and to be running on the track again. I haven’t ran since my foot injury, which laid me off from running for about 2 1/2 weeks, so am actually really glad and happy that i can be running again. Of course i wasn’t as fast as before but still pleases with the results, 7 miles in 75 minutes. As of future activities and trainings, i will be training on cycling more, throughout the fall/winter, since the triathlon is around march or april. Aside from training, my 4 day weekend begins today and i have no idea what event will pop up throughout those 4 days.

Here’s the Wildflower Triathlon Tony and I will be attending

O-M-G……. i just found something soOoOo cool. I will watch this immediately after i get home. What can be a better documentary than a documentary of Nissan GTR!?!?

I’m so mad right about now…kids these days can be so ignorant….When i walked out to the car this mourning, was about to drive Andy to school, he said “there’s like a sticker on your car”. So i went and look, apparently some kid( i knew it was a kid because they’ve done similar stupid shit on my car before) sticked a pad on the trunk of the car. First i was like haha whatever, but when it was time to take it off, those things are a pain to peel off. Those damn pads are like made with super glue or something, it required like 409 detergents/cleaners to get them off. Anyways, i think will soon need to go oo7 on their asses and install a hidden camera outside our house, i’m going to need evidence to start embarrassing them in front of their parents and students for being such tards.


Here’s my favorite Chinese actress who will be in the upcoming tvb series.

Just came back from yum-cha with my mom and grandma. Afterwords, we went to this seafood farmer place to pick something out for dinner, we choose two live crabs, which i won’t be eating because i will be at school till 10pm. As of now, I am preparing for a presentation for my International Economic Trade Theory class, which is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. However, i just need to bare with one more day of school and my weekly four day weekend will start again….


Well, did bunch of nothing today. Economic statistics have been giving me headaches, since the teacher don’t teach well and the materials are hard to understand. Somehow math never works for me, but i can always ace summary and short answer questions. Anyways, today was one of those boring days, where i drop in school and drop out school.


Not too much excitement today but headed down to Front of the Pack, which is a bicycling store at palo alto, but they were closed. After the disappointment, we went back to the Goridebicycle and checked out the cannondale again. I’m pretty much set on this bike, since i rode like 4 miles and a had a slight hill climb action. Before really really putting down the money on this bike, i’ll probably want to check out a few more bikes for fun.


Just had dinner and went shopping afterwords. All i can say is that a recession in our economy can really create chaos. Mervyn’s bankruptcy is a prime example….i feel sorry for those workers who will have to fix up everything before closing.

I really wanted to check this out today but i guess i missed it. It’s the sf red bull soap box race, which look quite interesting and unique. O well, but found some really neat pictures.

wahHhh so tired. Just came back from a long cycle ride, about 25 miles. My back is killing me…damn SAR’s bike is too small. Anyways, went to yum-cha today and a little bit of shopping afterwords. Currently i am trying to do my hw, which is boringggg, but is excited for tonights dinner!?!? I get to see paypay and bella today, and the “to be born” baby cousin kelly =)


We ate pho at millbre

Today i was driving by downtown and i saw a bunch of people gathering around niketown. I was like, this must be another one of those exclusive Air Jordan shoes sale. When i got closer, to check out what people were pointing at and taking pictures of, they where actually taking pictures of the names of the “Nike Women’s Marathon” participants(bunch of names on the windows). This event will be going down on October 19, this Sunday. It’s going to be big!??! And of course I wish them luck and support for their cause of running….even though it’s going to feel like hell