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Monthly Archives: December 2008

12-31-08 Happy New Years Eve???

Today we went yum-cha again and later shopped at the serromonte plaza. Afterwards, we went to get some snacks for my dad’s workers and then headed over to my cousin simon’s house. While we was chillin there, his mom offered us to stay for dinner, so we just ate some Chinese gourmet meal, which i haven’t had for almost a week. As for later tonight, there’s no plans yet but sars suggested to go check out the fire work…..


Tour de Vegas: Day 2

It’s New Years Eve and i just came back from Tommy’s Joint with Ramon, it’s 12am. It was a really really late night dinner, i guess i had 2 dinners since he offered to treat. Anyways, their food are always good and somewhat on the healthy side, i had BBQ beef brisket, bake beans, and mash potato. So here are some late night pictures of the dinner and shopping with mom(this post refers back to Tuesday’s activity).


12-30-08 Tour de Vegas ends

Finally, back and awake from my own fortress. The little vacation wasn’t the best trip nor the worst, mainly because my foot hurt throughout the whole trip and i didn’t bring enough money(not for gambling reasons). On the other hand, i did have a bunch of fun and enjoyed sighting new things, also learn a little bit about doing business. LOL right, learning about business in’s true though, you learn a lot by speculating. Moreover, i would just like to elaborate about my last day in sin city.

Yesterday was of course our last day at Vegas and it was somewhat of a bitter sweet moment leaving, since it is really like a fantasy land. Vegas is really a place of fantasy; beautiful people, amazing architecture and impressive light scene. What’s also real in vegas is that anything can be possible, if you have the money, yet fantasy never last. In addition, i’d just like to say vegas vacation require lots of mullah to have sh*t poppin. Aside from having this 4 days fantasy-like trip, we left Vegas around noon so we could check out an outlet, few miles away from the strip. We ended up shopping there for an hour or so and then had some Carl’s Jr while we were there. After lunching at 3pm, we hooped back in the suv and drove the agonizing +8hour back home.

We got back to the city pretty late, around 11:30pm. Since no one ate dinner yet, we all ate at the Chinatown VIP Cafe. While we was there, chowing down, we were already planning our next trip. There isn’t a set destination of thing that were doing yet but there are some thoughts about Tahoe, Asia, and Hawaii. I’ll be looking for to either of these trip, since it’s always fun to have a bunch of people at the same trip. Anyhow, by the time we were done eating and driven everyone home, it was close to 2am. Nevertheless, i did take a bunch a pictures and probably spread out the pictures, by the days in Vegas, throughout this weeks post.

Tour de Vegas: Day 1


Well its about 2am. I’d just like to update on what i did today(yesterday). So after some starbucks and speculating at the gambling table, my friends and i went over to the vegas chinatown. The vegas chinatown isn’t like any ordinary chinatown, it’s more like 2 large plazas which consist of mainly chinese restaurant,stores, and vietnamese restaurants. While we was there, we just ate at some type of ¬†taiwanese restaurant, where all of the food were spicy and all peppered out. After lunch, we just walked the strip again….. After like 3 hours of walk and chilling at the New York New York and Billagio hotel, we ate dinner at the Harley Davidson Cafe. The food there was alright so were the price. Following dinner, we attended a show at the MGM, called the Crazy Horse. By the time the live show was finished, everyone was tired, so we headed back to the hotel. Again, some gambling addict headed straight to the gambling table, instead of to their hotel rooms. I guess vegas only consist of two type of people, gamblers and tourists. Luckily, i’m the tourist type =]

12-28-08 sin city experimento

It’s like the 3rd day in Vegas and i’ve lost money, $10 whopping dollars to be exact. Anyways our arrival time to Vegas was around 7pm on Friday and we didn’t do much that night. Some people were tired, while others went straight to the gambling table. And of course, there were more losers than winners. As for me, my foot actually hurted like crazy the first day, so i just went back to the room right after the buffet dinner.¬†

As for the second day of Vegas, we just traveled on foot at the strip. The strip was longer than i thought and things there are hella expensive. Needless to say, i didn’t buy anything but enjoyed the good food. Oh yeah, the food here ain’t cheap either, at lease $20 each meal. Anyhow, you gots to pay to play right?!? Also i’ve taken bunch of pictures but don’t have my wire to upload the pictures, so until i get back there will be some pictures.
Backtrack. I just woke up around 10am today and got me some starbucks coffee. As of right now, i’m just waiting for everyone to get ready and gtfo of this hotel.

12-26-08 Happy Post Christmas !!?

Leaving you this treat before the trip =]

12-25-08 Merry Christmas

Will be away from blogging, from tomorrow til next monday. I will be at Vegas taking bunch of pictures =)
Some pictures of holiday breakfast and dinner

Merry Christmas to all.


With this toe pain, i’ve actually been doing a lot of thinking. My thoughts were, “what keeps motivating me to continue suffering this pain, besides my initial intention of running”. Then with a quick glance to my left, i remember what kept me going. Here it is, it’s the flying pig. Who have really thought of pigs being able to fly?!? Really though, they’re only known to eat, sleep, and slobber everywhere. Yet, this flying pig, in my eyes, symbolizes that nothing is impossible. To overcome and succeed beating “the impossible” is actually the most priceless feeling and reward ever. Moreover, i gots to thank the creater of this flying pig =]

It’s just one more day until Christmas, how exciting!?!? On the other hand, i woke up to a painful left foot again, which really really sucks. Again, it’s the same pain as before, but not as bad. What I’m hoping for over this Christmas is that my foot will heal before Friday afternoon, so i can go Vegas with my friends. As of right now, i woke up to watch MadTV, quite a funny show.


Did a whole lot of walking around san francisco downtown area today. First place of visit was the union square Christmas tree, then visited a bunch of surrounding stores and not the SF center, due to over crowding. After about 3 hours of shopping, ramon and I went to stonestown for another hour. Following stonestone, we went to burlingame to shop a little more, little did we know that we had shopped almost the whole day. Things aren’t really that cheap, even though there are like big signs of 20%-40% off, lets just say they’re advertising and marketing scheme was somewhat working. Anyhow, i haven’t bought more than a $100 worth of items, so their marketing strategy isn’t fooling a college student ;]

Went running at 7am and got home 8am, total distance covered was 5 miles. It was a pretty bad experience running in the cold, 40 degrees, anyhow it feels great being able to run again. I haven’t been running for awhile since school pretty much kept me busy. So i guess this school break i will have to do some intense training, for spring time triathlon :]
lol it’s like 6 am right now, i just couldn’t go back to sleep because of the fact that i no longer have anything to worry about. So as you can see, i started my day way way early today, i actually woke up around 5:30am.


All finished with the finals!?!?

12-21-08 Happy Birthday Rosanna Ly

Here’s my digital cake to you rose….even though i liked your cake better =]

Happy Birthday Rosanna Ly….lol almost forgot your whole name, since i always call you “Rose”. And here is my contribution for your birthday, it takes time and effort…lol


Just came back from school, took an extra session just for Monday’s final. Hopefully this study session could pay off because the professor gave us some hint on what “could possibly” be on the test. Anyways, i’m just here phased out from constantly studying…


Just took photos of my car, simply because it looks better in the rain…


Had a big lunch with mom and andy, at moonstar buffet. LOL i didn’t know paypay was going to be there

It’s hella colD


Here’s an inspiring picture of a well built 240sx, which makes me want to keep on building my car. Don’t this picture looks like a scenery from a James Bond movie??? I’ve actually scene this car in person a few times and it really really looks awesome.

It looks to be a good day, the sun is OUT and sky is clear. Yet, the weather remains cold, below 40, and woke up to a frozen window…. Anyways, it’s good to see the sun again. As for the plans for the rest of the day, my friend will be coming over to help finish the take home tests and no other plans yet.


Today’s final was pretty easy, i just couldn’t get over the fact that my seminar economic thought final was that easy, basically transferring notes onto the final exam. After finishing up the exam in 20 minutes, David and I thought it would be a good idea to go celebrate with a dinner. We ate at a Japanese restaurant, over at Noriega and 20 something street, and the food wasn’t bad. David treated, since he said he’ll hook it up if we ate the raw seafood(raw oyster and etc.). After dinner, rose and her sister (vivian) wanted to go out for dessert, so we ate at a desert place on 22nd and clement. The food was alright and somewhat cheap, but i wouldn’t say it’s a place i would recommend. As for now, i just got home so i’ll probably do part of my take home finals now and finish the rest tomorrow.