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Racing is serious business




My Eastern Herbal medicine/meditation class is a joke


Currently watching EU, it’s “o-tay”.

How come my car don’t look this good, I have black cars too?!?!?


Might attend

MattMatt wants me to post more, but i don’t have much on my mind. So what more to do than dig up old news? Here’s an interesting news which stuck with me for awhile, mainly because it’s a shocking story and unheard of. The story,”A history teacher in China’s Hunan Province beats a student with a metal rod, knocking out some teeth, and then throwing her out of the classroom window off the fourth floor of the school”. Nevertheless, i feel sorry for the little girl and her parent….people from China are crazy, especially teachers…..

Poor girl’s story: “Young schoolgirl beaten, thrown to her death by teacher

Separated at birth



I’m currently in school and it is hella boring. My day started out by taking a chinese 101 written quiz, which was hella hard, i feel stupid for scoring lower points than the white guy who sits next to me….sad, i know and disgrace to the Chinese people….After that test, i have a long 5 hour break and it’s still not over yet(currently in the computer lab). In like 30 minutes, i will have to go check in to my women studies/raza class, which basically is a class of about 40 girls and 10 dudes, expressing their feminist movement ideology. Those girls really sound like they’re all against the world and everybody owes it to them. Not that i want to be in that class, but it’s the easiest class within the segment III category.

Enough about my rant of the day. Recently, I’ve been trying to learn more Chinese through youtube. You might be like “wtf, this guy be retarded”, but hey that’s how i learn to swim and it worked. So my method of learning Chinese is basically watch and listen to Hong Kong music video(with captions). The specific artist i’ve been listening to is this old school band called “Beyond”, which i’ve been hearing about within these few years. Even though they’ve been out for more than 2 decades, i never really checked out their music nor knew who they were. So i finally saw what people was raving about and indeed they’re the shiznit. I mean their music are quite distanced from Ekin Cheung and Nicolas Tse, but they’re music consist of deeper meanings in their lyrics and i guess the originator of light Chinese rock music. Anyhow check them out, it’s worth your time =]


What we had for lunch; steak+prawn quesadilla, Wet Steak Super burrito, customized nacho dish, and Jarritos!

Pictures of last night’s get together soul food dinner….KFC,Round Table Pizza, Porridge….

Watched another old kung fu film today, “A man called hero” and it was the shiznit


Today I felt like i was on a kung-fu movie spree. Here’s another cool film worth watching.

Just finish watching “ip-man”, which is a fairly recent new film. The movie was mostly based on a true story of Bruce Li’s master, Master Yip-man. I enjoyed the movie, there was lots of action scenes and Donnie Yen is considered one of the top kung fu actors….way better than Jackie Chan and Jet Li. They both use to make good movies, but i guess old age must of got to them. Nevertheless, this movie was awesome and i’ve watched the whole thing on youtube…lol…


Surviving in the ghetto, use a weave which is equivalent to a helmet


Interesting stuff at the sfsu bookstore

Cool rides taken from school


A must watch movie, the trailer looks soo cool.


I feel a bit relief, with all homework done(except for some reading). So what better to do than to search the web right?? I just high jacked this article from another blog, and found some super hardcore narly shit. So as i was posting earlier today, about the correlation between bad news and a bad economy, my hypothesis seems to be on the right path. Even though it doesn’t take a genius to solve this question. First, there are people with the ideology that choking the shit out little people will solve their problems. Second, hurricane katrina type of weather worsens just about everything and anything. Thirdly and lastly, recession at it’s most extreme suicidal level….literally…… I feel bad for the guy. We can all get through this economic down turn, just have faith, so everything will be alright.
Zhejiang Young Man’s Suicide Jump Broadcast By News

The Curious Case of Michael Jackson……ekk……

Better days ahead???

Damn it’s like hurricane katrina up at state…….i hate the rain…….

I found this article quite amusing. It’s on local yahoo news, title states “Alameda Boy Allegedly Choked by Father”. The title of this article is basically self explanatory. The reporter states, ” When police asked Haidar why he had done so, he “blamed the economy and said he had too many tickets”………lol sometimes you just got to choke the living crap out of someone, in order to relieve your stress. Another shocking quote, ” Scott said Haidar told police that he also planned to kill his wife, who wasn’t at home at the time the boy allegedly was choked.” Hmmmmm, and i wonder why people ask how come I choose to become an econ major. But on the serious note, it’ll suck for him because the father will be charged with attempted murder.
Article:“Alameda Boy Allegedly Choked by Father”

Well just came out of my chinese 101 class, mandarin sucks….period…I was looking at some other peoples blog and found this interesting picture. It’s a little Japaneses kid next to some 18 or 19 inch wheel. In comparison, the wheels looks bigger than the kid. I need something like that on my rides!


Nothing much to talk about but needs to finish a research paper with the quickness. Anyhow, i like the pictures i’ve posted below. Don’t know why, but i prefer Porsche over Mercedes….


Sometimes staying at home can be very irritating and annoying. While i’m trying to do my research paper, my dad happens to invite like +15 of his hoodlums over. I call them old folks hoodlums because my dad say that they are his old friends, back when they live in china and representing their hood(or village or whatever)…..With all them people downstairs, the volume tends to build up to my room(second floor). What made things worst and even more annoying was that they were playing their old school musical instrument, called the “Erhu”. Whoever invent this is damn so called chinese instrument need to get strangeled. Seriously, this thing is so damn annoying and loud, it deserves to be banned from the US. Why the f*ck can’t they play other muscial instruments, like a piano or a saxophone. Seriously, i feel like(in any second) i will transform into the Hulk and karote chop the damn thing in half and make a camp fire with it.
It’s Sunday and there isn’t a damn thing to do….except catching up with homework. While I was checking up on other people’s blog, an interesting post came up. Apparently, a post stated that Lance Armstrong’s one of kind time trial bicycle was stolen, really though who would do something like that…It’s one of a kind and to resell this thing would be hard. Anyways, desperate time leads to desperate people. By the way the weather sucks.


I ended not going to the pillow fight event, since it was really windy and sprinkling. Besides, i did not want to get sick again. Instead of slapping people around with pillows, i ended up driving to several places to deliver some valentine gifts. In the end, i did not get to personally deliver it so i just had to drop it off at her house. Anyways, things didn’t go accordingly but oh well. Afterward, i went to the family hot pot dinner at mattamatt’s place. Everyone was there, real warmth in the house, since there were lots of people in one house. The food was good, the family reunion was good, and playing with the baby cousins were good. Moreover, I feel a bit old….

After an early swim, i went to visit my favorite cuz, “paypay”. She looks bigger than the last time i saw her and a little bit skinnier on the face. Anyways, took some pictures earlier that day.
Happy Valentines Day to all!