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Monthly Archives: September 2010


Seriously, what does it mean when your captain abandons ship…smh

CNBC – Trash Inc: The Secret Life of Garbage….interesting



Had today off and all I did was apply for jobs and internships….And it got pretty depressing while on the job hunt because many of the positions I’ve been looking forward to require a MBA or CFA. As a result, it got me thinking if I should go back to school to pursue in a MBA in Finance, since I’ve been steering towards asset & wealth management…sigh…well see how things go for now -_-

By the way, looking forward to the next Marvel hit….”Captain America: The First Avenger”


It’s been so hot today and I had to work an off site at Skyline College. As a result of standing in the middle of the sun for 3 hours, I got sunburn. To make things worst, the district manager required everybody to work this friday and saturday, therefore, I have tomorrow off which will make my entire week longer….smh…


Had today and tomorrow off…Because I didn’t really had any plans today I just had to find something to do. I was about to head over to the fog festival but there was just too much traffic and it was really close to work…so I had to pass. And because it was such a nice weather I just wanted to go do some good ol exercise. So I had to drive over to Sawyer Camp trial, chose this location because I wanted to see the lake and enjoy the scenery. Initially I was going to run this trail but it quickly got too hot so I just walked….(I know epic fail)…smh


Getting off work on a Friday night after putting in PTO……smh
1) Spiral Sushi dinner

2)Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps…by the way great movie and quite a motivational movie for those who wants to go make big bucks!


Tell me why at&t force a data plan on my phone because they’ve “detected” that I’ve been operating on a apple iphone. I never really understood what people meant when they said at&t suck until now. Not only does their reception sucks but so does their customer service and business ethics. What had happen was that they’ve sent me a text during mid day and forced placed at data plan on my phone bill because they “detected” my phone call was from an iphone. For this reason I called their customer representative to see whats up, seriously I felt like I got slapped in the face. Although they said they were going to take the plan off, they still charged me for one day…I’m like fine whatever…So get this, after telling them that I don’t fucken want the plan they tried once again sell to me over the phone…basically again to force/sell this data plan for the type of smartphone I use. Of course I said fuck no and the purpose of my call was tell you to stop these force placed payment plans on me…smh…. This just bothers me that this damn at&t get’s away with shit like this for automatically detecting smartphone and force place data plan..thus generating massive amount of revenue and basically operate as a monopoly….sigh…..this shit is getting ridiculous….smh -___-


An epic film……Machete……


Here goes a piece of ill lyric where I can relate to….

“Tell Me What You Know About Dreamin’ Dreamin’
You Don’t Really Know About Nothin’ Nothin’
Tell Me What You Know About Them Night Terrors Every Night
5 Am Cold Sweats Wakin’ Up To The Skies
Tell Me What You Know About Dreams; Dreams
Tell Me What You Know About Night Terrors; Nothin’
You Don’t Really Care About The Trials Of Tomorrow
Rather Lay Awake In A Path Full Of Sorrow

I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness and I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold
I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; I’ll Be Good”

Kid Cudi


Just got back from a long walk in city. First off, walked around the annual sf chinatown autumn moon festival. There was just bunch of people scattered and traffic(human) everywhere. Because it was so crowded, I just gave up looking each stall and walked over to downtown. While heading over downtown, there were just bunch of ideas and re-realization going through my mind. Ranging from all the luxury/exotic cars to all the high-end clothing companies, our economy simply runs on excessive luxury goods. In other words, the main factor for why so many companies have been folded or merged…leading to unemployment and job loss. To make things worst, banks aren’t lending and consumer interest rates been tanking, thus, investors loss confidence in investing in general….sigh….This just makes me wonder how America is going to revive from this recession…especially when China is about to be ahead of us…..smh


It seems like it’s been a long time since I had two consecutive days off. In addition, I’ve been stressing out at work, due to several reasons; under staff, bad management, long work hours, unbelievable sales goal and multiple threats of warning letters. Needless to say, I be heading to work miserable on a daily basis. In my own opinion, I believe bad managers can single handily alter employee’s perspective of the company.

On the brighter side, I just got back from a long session run. It’s been literally weeks since I’ve done any exercise. The company took a tole on my health, literally.

Today’s schedule:
1)Had to fill out some BS evaluation for work because I didn’t recieve perfect score on customer service survey….smh
2)Millbrae Pancake House (Strawberry Waffle w/whip)
3)Watched Cloverfield (weak)
4)Ran+walk for 2 hours


Just got home from watching my first 3D film ever, Resident Evil-Afterlife…and i’ll probably be the last 3D film I’ll watch. The movie itself was really well scripted and the 3D just messed my eyes up…or i’m just too old for this shit. Anyways, I had one of the worst work day experience today where I just want to just abandon the company….smh WF


“…coz the boys in the hood are always hard. you come talkin that trash, we’ll pull ya card knowin’ nutin in life but to be legit’, don’t quote me boy coz i aint said shit…”

Easy E
After a long hard day at work…the only remedy I have left is a comedy flick. Pretty funny movie, its true how we do have a lot of bad guys in our society and how we do not have any super hero -___- I guess the only real semi-hero are community activists….smh


Currently in search of a better J O B


D-O-P-E………toast to the douchebags…….


A morning walk around the neighborhood and got myself some starbucks coffee.

Dim sum with the family

Took my little cousins out to Hillsdale mall