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Recap memorial day weekend

Monday- ABC cafe at San Mateo, Stonestown shoppin, hot dinner date with a good friend at Toyose.

Sunday- BBQ at co-workers place, downtown shoppin
Saturday- Dinner with long time friend at the Millbrae La Collina
Friday- Dinner with the branch

Mission Complete…….onto the next one



Recap Friday night: Dinner at E-bar with most of my Pacifica Team


Photo recap of Thursday night at the Nightlife California Academy of Science

Turtle from finding nemo

Albino Alligator

Pretty Jelly Fishes

Baby Anaconda

Chillin with T-rex


Woke up extra early today to do a quick meet and greet with the new boss, before heading down to work. Seems like a great guy but most importantly now I’ll be back in a traditional branch with more room to stretch. In addition it was great to see some familiar faces whom I have not work with in awhile, also hopefully be able to build up a small team to work with. All in all, I can’t complain about the location because it’s less than a mile away from home so I can dip home during lunch time and what not. Also I’ll be able to work with some old mentors who most likely got my back so I think this change will be for all the good. Needless to say, I’m also looking forward to the new pay! Word.


Photo recap of last night’s banquet.

Toast from the groom

Cut the cake

Bouquet tossing for the ladies

Stockings toss to the men?

Congrats to the newly weds(excuse the work cloth)


Recap last night after work. Right after work had dinner over at this restaurant at Millbre, that place was a straight up joke. Items on the menu were sky high and the not good at all and plan salty. I think the only areason why the place is still open is because it’s a Chinese restaurant and a location of convenience for rich Chinese folks who does not know how to cook.they lucky i forgot the name of the place but it’s the restaurant right next to the shanghair restaurant on broadway. Anyhow, right after dinner I had headed over to the century 20 theatre at daly city with some coworkers and their fiends. The ratings were so hype up for the pirates of carribean 3 so we had to go watch it in blue ray 3D. And 20 minutes into movie, i had dozed off. Basically the film was overrated, no bueno. I would not want to recommend anyone to watch it unless they just want to finish the saga. Waste of mulas. As far as for the plans after work on a Saturday, I’ll be heading over to Cupertino to attend another banquet dinner which should be fun. I wish I had the time to update about the Mexico trip but been too damn busy every single day since I got back, less than 6 hours of sleep constantly and out every night. Moreover, I feel like a college student again( ain’t got time for nuttin).


Recap last night, got wasted at Holy Cow….smh


My idol.


3rd day in Cancun Mexico, all I can say that it is amazing here. Especially when I can go hang out with the real Mayan people and personally chop it up with them about the crazy talk 2012 the end of the world. When they heard that they were like smfh. They said that the media blew that theory of 2012 out of proportion. What the Mayan people predicted was only the changes in the energy of the earth which will then effect the weather and nothing more. By the way they clarified about human sacrifice which was exploited in many American flicks and they said that there were never physical evidence of that ever happen, just ancient paintings like art. I’m glad I was able to clarify some hollywood bullshit by going to the source. By the way, these Mayan people were straight hood/ country, they ain’t got no 21st century technology, just farm commodities and hardcore hut living….they go HAM and don’t give a mutha about architecture or designs. Needless to say, I went national geographic photography skill up in that village. Moreover, photo to come when I get back to the states.


Ughhhh daymmmm. Got up extra early here at SFO, haven’t done this for awhile. I already feel the travel atmosphere. Finally get to let loose and really forget about work, stress free for a week. By the way, everything went smoothly yesterday and was able to close another contract, we bout to get paid for not doing jack. It’s nice knowing that there will be guarantee income without doing notting, literally making money every second of the day even while I’m sleeping….praise the lord. Ohweeeee. After I get back from Mexico there will just be one more big contract before I’m done and hopefully be able to also sell the 7. Oh yeah, I just remember I got nominated to go to Florida in July by the company, hopefully I’ll get it and get to travel this big ass country a little more. Anyhow, it’s about to time to depart. Deuces.


Dayymm it’s been so long since I’ve taken a late lunch like this. Reason for that, understaffing and turnover rate is high. Shit I guess I can’t really complain since I’ll be in Mexico somewhere in less than 24 hours. I got all my shit packed up, all the swimming gears and stuff, hopefully ill be able to hit the gym there and take in the heat to help lose some weight. Gained a little due to hibernation season and crazy schedules. As far as rest of the day goes I’ll be meeting up with a very good prospector and hopefully be able to complete another contract, all this running back and forward has been so damn tiresome and waste of gas. It’s going to be a great night once it books because plans are to grab dinner afterwards in San Mateo. Furthermore, I hope it’s going to be a a start for a winning season.



Just renewed my contract today and is about to get paid. dayyymmmmm, good day on a monday is rare, especially when it comes with a raise….brrr guccciiiii.



Happy mothers day to all. To recap Saturday. Headed down to the banquet right after work and apparently first time in a long time arrived way early then scheduled. So hung out for a bit and caught up with long family friends and cousin whom haven;t seen in awhile. It was fun seeing everyone having a good time and taking traditional huge family photos. Right afterward, my coworkers decided come and watch the last bits of the banquet, later we meet up and headed down the Dave&Buster. It was fun but they had me with one too many drinks so turned sloppy quiet fast. All i remember after several rounds of games was that I was knocked out inside a minivan. All in all, I’m too light weight.


Recap last night. Meet up with an old co-worker, haven’t seen her since the Octoberfeast. Had dinner with her over at Tommy’s and met up with some of her friends over at the sf marina district. Didn’t really know what to expect but ended up in several clubs. Finally settled at at Circa, it was alright. Several hours later and now I’m getting ready for work. I need me a chauffeur next time around. It’s also gonna be a long night again, the plan is to head down to a banquet right after work……nice being able to recycle work cloths for that event.