How you like me now? I'm gettin papers.

What a weekend it was.

Hit up Oaktown last night to see Trey and Big Sean perform, pretty decent.


What a day. You cop the flight?

Unkept promises are always deal breakers

Happy Valentines Day


Poor kid wasnt feeling so well.

Hall all bases covered for my ladies.


too ill

Getting mentally prepared for work.



Rainy monday

Modern marvel under my bed, literally.

Lazy Sunday

Just Chillin.

Nature calls. @ Point lobos

They’ve always wanted a baby girl…. @ Hong Kong Flower Lounge

Another night in the city. Guy getting arrested, car on a side walk, girl with a breathalyzer, street band style jamming on them trash can. The night just started.  @ Macy’s

Nothing wrong with a little glow in the dark. @ Union Square Park

Look we made it to the grand finale! SF Chinese new year parade. @ Union Square Park

Hanging out with baby girl.

Chill day. No work.

Im already getting mixed reviews on this trailer.


Saw the sneak preview of The Vow, not bad.

Already a long week

Saw the sneak preview of  the Journey 2 3D, definitely worth your money and a must in 3D. Plenty of comedy and adventure.

The Chronicles was kind of weak, not something that ill watch again.

Photo recap. fast week.

Congrats New York Giants! Game well played.


Underground comedy club. @ Murphy’s Pub

Ignoring me. He ain’t feeling the elf swag.

Quick trip to downtown and coffee run.

This economy be running me broke, retro and re-retroing everything. Smh. @ Best Buy

2k12 SF Gaints Fanfest At&t park.

J’s x Grass-field


Bootcamp then sf giants fanfest. @ AT&T Park

Casual Saturday attire. Can’t go wrong with J’s Retro 8 Aqua

Getting ready for icy cool weather Superbowl Sunday 2k12.

Ain’t no place like home.

Happy Feb

Never stop chasing, my ambition to win.


Best film so far watched year to date.


Holy Batman, say it ain’t so!


I’m sexy and you know it.


Sick find.




Work so hard to drive a cr-v, hells naw. Better start pushin miracle whips. -Yeezy @ The Throne

Dim Sum with grandma and grand baby. @ Hung To

99% start up company fail. Question is will you survive. @ Moscome Weat

On the grind. Mac world after company mortgage workshop.  Rosayyyy  @ Moscome

Depressing. 1 hour on wait list. @ Boiling Crab

You ain’t ready


Master Piece