How you like me now? I'm gettin papers.



Cuddi, wildin out….at the same time showing the true expression of kidult in all of us 80’s baby.

Just got back from iHop, needed a warm breakfast to help cure a headache from yesterday which lasted till this morning. Had a blistering headache yesterday because first day being back from vacation and having to be the manager for the day, managing all new team members and customer issues…smfh….2010 must end asap. Anyways, headache slowly faded after grubbing on some warm food while viewing some architectural design magazines. Got inspired by some nice photo and pretty much picked out the entire lay out, probably going with neutral coolers of beige, brown and black combo…possibly even a cool layout, consist of gray, dark gray, and some light blue. On a interesting note, I was telling my boss about this new place and she called it my bachelor pad because; im single and living on my own, have a doggy, and career driven.
Cop this for Jack, Wolfpack!?!? By the way, Jack loves biting the edge my gucci sheets, me no like so Jack’s banned from the proximity of my bed.

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