How you like me now? I'm gettin papers.


Just came out the shower not too long ago and seemed like all the lights were turn on, awkwardly weren’t any noise and it was completely silent. I was like shit, what happen to everyone and kind of sensed like something just happened and I wasn’t informed about it. While walking down the stairs, a puppy walked and stood at the bottom of the stairs. I didn’t know whether if I should of been in a defensive mode(am I getting robbed?) but it slowly walked by and licked my toes. I was like ok…now where’s the robber? So there isn’t a robber, it’s only a new addition to the family. I never would have thought that my parents would own a dog because of how much they bitch about it while I was younger and I have allergies when it comes to fury stuff. Initially I didn’t know what type of dog it was, did a little google here and there. Answer, it’s a salt&pepper miniature schnauzer. By the way, this dog is recommended for people who have allergy issues, according to Wikipedia.
Solano Westfield mall with mama…..

Feeling spectacular today, I’m feeling a bit more normal again where I’m eating 3 meals a day again! To start things off, headed over to the local ihop and choose the breakfast for champions special. Holly shit, the serving portion size is huge and it comes with dessert, all for less than $7….now that’s a bargain. Took more than hour 1/2 to clean up 75% of the plate and the rest were wasted.

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