How you like me now? I'm gettin papers.


2010 World Series Game 1 goes to Giants!

Earlier today, I dropped by the new property where most of my hard earn salary been dumped into. I must finally say that I’m proud of what my family and I accomplished in just a short few months, even after the fact of the family health condition. Months ago, my dad came to me and asked for some serious advice and help make a big decision. At the time, it was either give up on the investment property and use the cash reserve to pay off a very large medical bill or have second investor. After consulting with my dad and with our combine income, plus evaluating the risk involve, we decided to say fuck it and lets do it ourselves(it’s all or nothing mentality). Even though we knew we’re going to be stressing out about the cash flow and family health issue, the peak stress level would only be for about 9 months. So here we are and months later, all the hard work and sleepless night is beginning to pay off. I’m just glad that we were still able to hold our shit together and not have this plan fall apart. The more I look at this home, the more I begin to appreciate it. You know how people drive them pimped out cars and flash their blinged out jeweleries??? But sadly they live up in the cuts and hood life, apartments, and rented properties. It’s a shame how people allocate their earning, where their car payment cost about the same as their rented property. All I’m saying is that people should start living in the real world and start investing smart while their young and not flaunt their wealth with plastic materials.

Day off and took care of some errand,….next up will be a short run around the neighborhood. Afterward, worlds series and hotpot….

3 responses to “10-27-2010

  1. Brolitz November 6, 2010 at 4:53 am

    i like this post, it was a slap in the face for me…I've been thinking lately on how careless i was when i earned my first $3k every 2 weeks paycheck for 2 years, and all i did was spend it until my pocket emptied out.and your right about what you said, start living in the real world.

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